Chronic Tattoo

6budbackcrop.jpg (404 KB)

Same artist as Spiderman tear-through.

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    Wow, I hope that isn’t you. Dumbass ruined himself for the rest of his life.


    Beautiful work!


    I hate stoners, especially when they talk about being one.


    I don’t smoke or anything, I just think that the artwork is fantastic.


    I’m going to smoke a bit fat bong hit to celebrate his new tattoo.

    it’s 4:20 !!!!!!

    gurgle… gurgle… gurgle… aaaaahhhhhh…


    inkwork is fantastic


    Fuck marijuana. I don’t care how harmless it is. It turns you into a stupid asshole and makes you smell like shit.

    Malta Soron

    Same goes for alcohol.


    it’s not bad. i think it’ll be better when it’s had time to fade a bit. that white is far too bright — makes the whole thing look a little disney.


    as a tattooed and pierced miscreant, i would just like to say…

    what a fucking dumbass.


    Dyna: You don’t get to whine about something being painful if you pay someone to actually inflict it on you.

    Tattoos may be personal, but let’s face it, any stoner with money could have gotten this one, and the very profound meaning was probably something like “whoa, man! I’m so high, dude!”.


    Dynamole, personal tattoos ftw and all, but getting one like that to sing to the world that youre a f***ing retarded pothead PoS makes bush look like stephen hawking by comparison

    truly Intelligent forms of life do not support drugs


    What did I say about whining about self-inflicted pain?

    By the way, what you just said is not an argument for why a dumb stoner couldn’t get it.

    Get this: nobody forced him to make the tattoo. He is the moron. Or is that a picture of you? You’re getting pretty riled up there.

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