Skydiver Tissue Box

skydiver tissue box.jpg (68 KB)

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    the_duck is leading an unstoppable campaign of threads in the spirit of Patton. all that contend will be laid to the ground defeated.


    tissue box is full of win


    I thought it was a splat picture. Now I’m sad.


    Ok… hey Tiki, does your name have to be the_duck to get anything posted here now? Cuz if so I’m not gonna bother queueing stuff up anymore.


    nyokki had a post like 3 pages back. the_duck has to be the best leecher on this site.


    I agree, excluding 3 posts, the last 6 pages are all from the_duck. What the hell is going on?


    Stop your PMSing. the_duck probably dumped his/her image folder all at once: s/he could have dumped 100s of images and only a few were approved. Or maybe the_duck has a similar taste to tiki but not to you. If it really upsets you so much you’re welcome to start your own site and see how that goes.

    It happens, MCS n00bs. Fucking deal with it.


    Wow… Caio being a dick just because he can? That never happens.


    I’m a dick? You’re complaining that some webmaster of an image site didn’t approve enough of your god damn pictures you found on /b/ or digg or stumbleupon.

    I’ve been seeing cryfags bawwww about tiki rejecting their pics since pretty much the day pics could be submitted and I’m sick of it.

    Next time you have a complaint about this site, open a notepad files, type it out, and if you want save it to your desktop. That way, you have about an equal chance of finding someone who cares about your pics being rejected.

    tiki god

    man, I cam to say what caio said, but there it already is.

    the_duck dumped like 1,000 submissions at once, and about 20 of them weren’t shit, so here they are. There’s currently about 200 submissions sitting in line to be approved/rejected. Am I looking at them? No. cause they look like they’re all from diabeetus and I’m drunk and don’t want to accidently approve goatsie.

    is a good idea, yes?

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    what a bunch of newfags(except for Caio). the_duck is one the most prolific and consistently good posters on the site.


    reboot you point me out of that category, i wasn’t complaining. i think the_duck is the shit and these pictures are awesome!


    funny, if they made a goatsie tissue box , it would sell like hot cakes.


    Tiki, are you the only one that approves submissions? If so, get some other damn people on the job. It must be hell.


    I was just wondering what was up, but hell, I like how it turned into a clusterfuck. Good to know.


    As much as I hate to /agree, it is troof.

    Caio has some quality posts and if it wasn’t for Caio I would laugh less. If everyone was nice, MCS wouldn’t be as fun. IMO, most quality posts come from (in no particular order):

    nate dog
    tiki god

    Thats all that comes to mind…


    Agreed. Ciao has been on “NewFag smackdown” since I joined up. We all appreciate his diligence.


    the diver is all, AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

    and the bird is all, yeah, you’re fucked


    I’d just like the facial expression to change when the tissues run out…

    Out of curiosity, why is it that images sometimes appear several pages back? It seems like some new pics get interspersed with older ones for no reason.

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