Hit This Sign, Hit The Bridge

Hit This Sign, Hit The Bridge.jpg (22 KB)

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    we could use this sign in a couple places in Seattle….


    Orange County could use one. Huntington Beach to be specific.


    i’d hit it.

    (someone had to say it.)

    Lord Cocksworth

    I’m confused. Is the sign right next to the bridge, meaning that it’s much taller than the bridge, or is it closer to the camera, making them relatively equal?


    Ostensibly, the sign would be level with, or slightly higher than the bottom of the bridge. There wouldn’t be much point in putting it right next to the bridge, since anything big enough to have to worry about it (based on the size of the vehicles in the shot), would need some distance to come to a stop.

    Though I do wonder what the sign is made out of. It doesn’t seem to be holding it’s shape well enough to be metal, but I wonder if a big truck would even notice if it hit a fabric/paper sign.


    They should say this instead of “clearence 8’7” or whatever


    by the looks of the rigging- the sign doesn’t have enough lateral stability to hold it’s own weight- or, some trucker bashed into it.


    Holy shit.
    That’s in my hometown (Griffin, GA) or else there’s a different sign just like it (although that looks like the same place).

    For the record, that sign sags every year, and they have to re-raise it. And also for the record, trucks hit that sign on the regular, and have to turn around.

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