High-Tech Car Security

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    tiki god

    I heard an interesting idea on why there’s all these cars locked up like this:

    they’ve been stolen, and the ignition is just a bundle of wires, so they lock them up so you can’t steal their stolen cars.


    You know, seriously, if I was going to be stealing a car, this sure as hell wouldn’t be my top pick.

    This car isn’t even worth a full tank of gas.


    It’s a lift out grate, won’t stop anything, unless of course the car isn’t powerful enough to drag it.


    Well, it might work if the car tyre was on top of the grate. Then the weight of the car would prevent the grate from being pulled out. Assuming the chain isn’t long enough to let the car roll off the grate, and that the car itself lacks the power to break the chain and/or lock.

    Doc Shadow

    Mythbusters trumped this kind of security when they showed you can’t pull an axle off with a chain.

    Even if the tire is on the grate, that lock would go way before any real stress was put on the car. However, if the grate did pop out and start getting dragged it could cause some serious damage while bouncing about.


    Awful, you’ve obviously never been to russia then 😛

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