Cooling Tower

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    There’s beauty there, where you wouldn’t expect it.


    I love the nuclear power plant in my state. It’s actually pretty beautiful up there.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Neat. A cloud factory.


    McCain wants to build a hundred of these.


    how about just some insane R&D for fusion?


    … is cooling


    every time i look at one of these i think “how insane must it have it been to build this bitch, brick by brick.”


    I love how ppl always think that’s “TERRIBLE RADIOACTIVE POLLUTION SMOG” coming out the top.


    Three Mile Island scared everybody. I think we’ve come a long way since then, and they have triple redundancies for all functions now.

    Nuclear power is safer than ever. Lets use it – and NOT coal.


    Woot! Kill mother nature!


    contrary to popular belief the only thing that hurts the environment is when you shut down a nuclear plant THEN you have to get rid of the waste. because the radioactive water is cycled though the plant over and over again, and never leaves.


    The nuclear plant in my state doesn’t have cooling towers, but most of the coal, oil and gas plants do. I wonder if this picture is actually from a nuke plant?

    The rad water from nuke plants can be reused in newer plants, as well as most of the spent fuel (which is what France does). So, the amount of waste could be quite a bit lower than you think (the bonus is no green house gasses, while at the same time producing 1700 megawatts).


    As long as nuke plants are in private hands, I don’t trust them.



    Clean Coal is the way to go.

    Remember; the best coal comes from Penna.

    Nukes are okay…just until you can build a coal plant.


    It’s good you brought up the Davis-Besse incident because it shows the amount of safety expected from the US nuclear plants. If the Davis-Besse incident happen to any other industry that works with hazardous materials, it wouldn been a non-issue and the fines would have been far smaller, but because it was a nuclear plant the company was hammered with inspections and huge fines.

    As for total government control, I think that would be a bad idea. All US fatalities caused by nuclear plant radioactive incidents have been under government control, none by the private industry. The government is good at inspections and industry expectations, but not in operations.

    The biggest danger to the general public is not nuclear plants, but the hazardous materials being tranported (mostly by rail) though our cities and towns. A train carrying choride or ammona has a far greater chance of killing large numbers of people because they are open and not protected.


    TMI resulted in 0 deaths. None.

    Nuclear power is the cleanest, safest, most efficient form of power generation we have.

    Look up how many people have died in coal mines, on oil rigs, in oil tanker accidents.

    Look up how many birds are killed by wind power

    Then tell me Nuclear power isn’t safe.

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