Broadband Speed by Country

broadbandspeedchart.jpg (158 KB)

I’m in the US. And mine’s probably slower than what’s on this graph….damn crappy DSL.

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    I’m in the US, and I know mine is much better than whats on this graph… Gotta love FIOS!


    yeah.. and in japan.. the goverment supplies the internet free… fiber to your house.. sweet


    Be interesting to see the price comparison too.


    the japs be DL’ing some nasty shit

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Another reason Japan is better than North America.


    germany beats the u.s

    Alec Dalek

    Canada has faster broadband than the US? I’d think it would be the other way around, especially since we get some pretty crappy throughput from the big two (Rogers and Bell). I thought for sure the US, the inventor of the internet, would have a kick-ass network by now. But I suppose it’s hard to get decent broadband in a trailer park.


    Wow thats a LOT of porn! Im going to Japan nex!


    As a pan-national American, it never fails to surprise me how ignorant most of us are when it comes to the world… or just how advanced we actually are in comparison to other lands in many technological fields.

    I wouldn’t really say that my internet here in Germany is that much better than what I pay for in the States, but it is free. So there’s that.

    Oh, and why do you think the iPhone is such a non-entity in Europe? Because cell phones were already that advanced here for years.


    Donde es China?


    Jeez, Japan could measure their internets in hbps: hexabits per second. /drool


    That can’t be right. I’m here in Austria. And it’s slow as hell, compared to what people from other countries (like the US) tell me.


    Rawr! I meant MBps Megabytes! Im not stoopid, I promisss! XD

    Man, I hate looking stupid in front of all you guys (& girl).


    Well, it did say average.


    …so considering there arent many people living in Canada, (I know both of them) this comparison is pretty insightful.


    As Mithik said, these are *averages*. Not sure how further I could explain this…
    So true. By the way, the iPhone is REALLY not doing so well in Japan because it’s so fucking simplistic. Makes me laugh when Americans think the iPhone is “ooooooo teknawlogy!!!”
    Yep. It seems like Japan is better than America (and generally other parts of the world as well) in almost every way except for, I suppose, a diminishing population. Kind of sad, really…


    Jes, it is sad. I think I will go ther ant help them with that problem. Anyone know Herumi Nemoto’s phone number?


    Ok, I’m in the U.S. and I average 54 Mbps. A lot of people must have pretty crappy broadband service in this country.


    Wow RP, I thought I was screaming at 15mbps. How can I B down wit 54 internets?


    Diminishing population isn’t unique to Japan. Nor is the artificial panic politicians are generating there as serious a problem as they make it look. The Japanese economy tends to run at or above (bubble burst) its own capacity. Low unemployment and heavy demand for jobs is a good thing and wont necessarily still be an issue in five years, much less the time it would take for the generation being born now to reach skilled working age.


    Dijoo say rewl44 or rewl20? or both?


    all i can attest to is that the cable companies in the US can suck on my balls.

    I’ve never had worse service, or been more disappointed. I never get the connection speeds i pay for.

    Lord Cocksworth


    China no longer has the internet. They’ve censored it out of existence.


    Only reason all those Asian countries have such high internet speeds is because all of their national sports involve the computer and a copy of Starcraft.

    …Well, maybe just Korea on that one.


    Am I to believe we feel a “Diminishing Population” is a problem? Not these days it isn’t.


    how embarassing is it to be beat by mexico? lol.


    To make it a better; it should also compare landmass. Canada is large; but much of the pop. is in the Southern parts.

    Japan as the highest speed; but they are 1/25th the size of the USA.

    USA 74.7 people sq. mile
    Japan 866.8 people a sq. mile

    (pop.dated a little bit.)


    What does that have to do with anything. North Canada is large, but no one lives there (Nunavut has 30, 000 people – the size of some neighbourhoods, and how many of those towns do you think are online. I’ll willing to bet ‘Iqaluit’). That’s not enough to tip the AVERAGE.

    And if you’re suggesting that distance has something to do with speed: The distance even within a country is a minor factor. But somehow i doubt they were testing the speed in Toronto from Klukshu.

    By the by, ever time there’s a single Japanese person in my torrent swarm, it’s guaranteed that Japanese person will be uploading to me at, like, 2 mb/s or more. Compared to the .5 most other countries offer.

    Lord Cocksworth


    Is Starcraft even that big in Japan? I thought they prefered boring RPGs.


    Japan may have the fastest speeds but they don’t use it for anything. Your average Japanese person doesn’t know how to use an internet that’s not formatted for his phone.


    Stupid Australia why must we suck so much.

    Lord Cocksworth
    RPG’s are awesome.

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