Tiki God In My Back Yard

IMG_0549.JPG (449 KB)

I actually have 2 of these, a guy I worked with a few years ago cut them with a chain saw

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    you have a nice looking backyard


    The tikis like it that way.

    And one never goes against the wishes of the tikis… look at what happened to Greg Brady.


    Firstly, wb Evil!

    Secondly, I cant wait for tikigod to post on this, the irony is sweet and teh suspense is killing me. =)

    Thirdly, lawlz.

    Fourthly, nice BY Dave!

    tiki god

    so he did this with a chainsaw? that’s impressive. all I’ve been able to make with a chain saw is dead people


    ^_^ lawlz tikigod, lawlz! You never dissapoint!


    thanks Evil, we really enjoy it, one of the advantages of living in florida.

    tiki, yea a chainsaw. he draws a rough sketch on it and starts carving away. takes about a hour and a half.

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