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    And which country is currently the superpower of the world?


    The only thing America is missing is Darwin on our money. I’m seriously getting sick of having God on my cash.


    I’ve always wondered why North America puts all of its weight on “God” for most of its crap if it calls itself the greatest nation in the world.

    There’s obviously something wrong with that.


    The only reason the US is the superpower in the world is because we spend 45% of the world’s defense spending. Britain figured out after WWII that they could live just fine using the US to protect themselves.

    And at the rate the American Empire is collapsing, it won’t matter anyway. Britain’s empire lasted for many centuries, ours will barely last 100.


    And at the rate the American Empire is collapsing, it won’t matter anyway.

    I bet you’re a hardcore Obama supporter. You sound just like one.


    Oh and about Barack Hussein Obama.



    Britain having Darwin helps them how? Last time i checked the english suck and england sucks worse.They are such pomppus pigs. Also i do agree woith exacerbate. I am getting tired of god and old politicians being on our money; I vote for F-22’s monster trucks and chicks with big tits…a tyrannosaurus would be cool too.


    : and I bet you’re one of those jingoistic morons who thinks the US is eternal and infallible and the greatest empire that’s ever existed. You’re one of the useful idiots that empower the assholes who are driving this country off a cliff.


    I find real irony in the fact that Britain has a monarch “by the Grace of God”, and has Darwin on their bill, while we, with our much vaunted separation of Church and State, have “In god we trust” on every piece of currency we produce.


    Darwin is a G….. end of story.

    All the churches in the world couldn’t save us from what happened on 9-11. Anyone else believe in devine intervention?


    Splendid point Seraph, that is indeed irony ftw!

    They ought to put another famous Brit on their money. One that led a revolution against England to change the world for the better.

    Oh, what WAS his name? George somethin…


    It was Curious George, Mithik.


    1) The head of the United Kingdom is also, technically, head of the Anglican church.

    2) Several top Anglican Bishops sit on the house of Lord, which still exercises vestigial powers I’ll remind you.

    3) GOD save the Queen is your anthem.

    Way to cherry pick your “My state is more secular than yours” argument.


    *House of Lords, rather.


    ^^ Um, for the record, who was that aimed at? ^^


    Whoever posted this macro. Namelis I guess.


    Someone call the cops, EVILILLUMINATI has gone missing!!!


    So, England’s monarch is ‘by the grace of God’ and there are Anglican bishops sitting in the House of Lords.
    On the other hand, the leader of ‘teh supapowa in da world’ is a religious nutjob who claims to hear imperative voices and i bet his successor won’t be any better (maybe without the voices but who knows); while a lot of politicians do politics by ‘christian standards’.
    So what’s the point anyway.


    Yeah, Goldfinger, you can say all that, but at no point has the president of the US been declared the new Pope of the Americanglish Church. Just sayin.


    I wonder why noone bickered about the Monarch of England’s other title yet: ‘Defender of the Faith’.


    Britain is more secular than USA, by a long-shot. End of story. And USA would never, ever have Darwin on their currency since most of the idiots over there think he is the devil himself.

    The fact that GB has a state church seems to be one of the reasons that so few people are head over heels in love with religion in Britain.

    The currency illustrates a great point: Britain take pride in Darwin, USA (as a whole) takes pride in believing in things without a shred of evidence.

    (And omg, Caio is commenting on a religious thread. Get a hobby! /sarcasm).


    Religion lead to war… end it now!


    No one hates America more than me, Korinthian, but even I am vaguely annoyed when some illiterate dude from ABBA-land (ie Eugenics-program-directed-at-visible-minorities-until-the-70s-land) makes a blatantly untrue statement about a country he’s likely never lived in and obviously knows nothing about.


    You hate USA? How bigoted of you. You are seriously one step away from being something akin to a racist.

    I notice you don’t make any real point and just vaguely critique my post with a claim that I am ignorant, oh, and an ad hominem. Surely you can do better than that.






    LOL! So many stupid people, so many stupid opinions.


    ‘Britain having Darwin helps them how? Last time i checked the english suck and england sucks worse.’

    Man this made me laugh so much… where is your argument? Where’s the reasoning? Get the fuck off myconfinedspace and go take the fucking 3rd grade again you cretin


    Where do you check if a country/people sucks? I’d really like the link plx.


    Britain is greater huh . I guess thats why they won the American Revolutionary War? Wait ,… strike that,… we did. So they are Greater because? It must be Britains dental program that you are referring to.


    Britain stole more countries. Touché. (Although USA is catching up). Also: infamous ignorance doesn’t beat losing a war on foreign soil.


    Children, Children, please! Stop with the fighting, and cock waving competition. I’m English, and i can see the flaws in my own country. I do not like that fact that we still have an aristocracy, full of inbred, biggoted morons.

    However, I am also very proud to live here, in a country with it’s wealth of history, literature and social uniqueness. I am soon going to be going to one of the best Univeristies in the country, to learn from some brilliant professors in the field of Biochemistry. I can do that because the government of this country pays for nearly all of my fees and costs.

    This country takes care of everyone, makes sure everyone is treated well. From what i’ve seen of the USA, money is all important and all consuming. That’s why i would much rather live here, rather than the US.

    Also, we had a gaint Empire, and eventually, we’ll have one again. The USA will be just anouther territory. BWHAHAHAHA!

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    all bad points

    England is better because…its the same. And you’re the same as the English. You’re both fat, loud mouthed, overly opinionated assholes. But one country has smarter people running it right now. That’s about it.

    All this my country is better than yours and historical shit as proof = gayness. I mean look at that revolutionary was shit above. That’s inane. Hey asshole how’s your whitehouse? Not the first one Canada burnt to the fucking ground. Yay me because people who occupied the same geographic region as I do now but hundreds of years ago did something.

    This place is so full of assholes lately even I’m getting annoyed.


    Gee. That whole ‘ma country’s betta than yours’ really IS the grown up…no wait…the out-of-kindergarten version of ‘my daddy’s sooo much cooler than yours’.

    I doubt that YOU won the Revolutionary War. Just like I am not responsible for WWII. You shouldn’t be BIRGing so much because the fact that the Americans won the Revolutionary War over 200 years ago doesn’t make anybody today less an idiot. In fact, i think it makes a lot of people even more stuck up.


    I love assholish-people, but the one who try to act all mature when then prove that they are not in the next sentence annoy me a bit. Instead of “my daddy is stronger” it’s about “I’m more mature”.

    And before you go out on a tangent about me being immature, that is something I confess openly.


    “Where do you check if a country/people sucks? I’d really like the link plx.”


    no one has said that God made Darwin.


    GOD SAVE THIS MESSAGE BOARD. you are all doomed to go to war with each other no matter how religious you think you are.

    The nature of the human being is to argue, bicker, waves dicks around and disagree. You need to excercise restraint in talking. Thats what I would call evolution in humanity..



    As far as winning the revolutionary war, we = the country that I currently live in. I didn’t mean I personally took up arms to overthrough the English. Actaully my family was still starving in Ireland at that time(a entrely differant story).
    The United States government is far from perfect. I will not stand here an say we are without fault. Believe me, I disagree with a lot of what our leaders have done. Personally I think we are overdue for a new revolution. Our country has strayed far from what our founding fathers had envisioned. It is no longer the same United States that was great. We are a bankrupt nation of debtors. This country is run by and for the extremely rich and powerful. The peoples representation is all but gone.
    I personally think that the British people are good people for the most part. I am just not a fan of things The British Empire has done in the name of progress. I don’t dislike the people of Britain. As a matter of fact I highly respect them and their culture and contribution to the civilized world.


    Darwin was a genius. I wish I didn’t have to hear the word “god” again- ever. In ANY form.


    Pointless argument, in 5 years the United States will still be there, Great Britain and the United Kingdom won’t after Scotland declares independence at the next general election, the EU will back it due to it being a democratic decision of it’s populace.

    Good bye GB, farewell UK.

    Not saying I’m for it, simply stating that it’s what’s going to happen.


    Man…. I was just thinking…. Sweden’s racially-motivated eugenics program went on for like decades.

    Man, that’s a long time for a program of racial extermination.

    Man, even Hitler’s eugenics program went on for like less than time years. Man. ABBA-land sure is fucking nuts.


    Caio: Aww, you’re not even trying anymore, are you? Are you feeling okay?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Oh…the UK is in a slow economic down turn right now that is going to be much much worse than anything the US saw. The US economy will be back up on its feet and kicking ass (I’m Canadian…but I’m not fooling myself) in about a year. Then investors will start hedging the US dollar again and oil and gold will drop back down.

    Whoever wins your election will take credit. As if a phantom democracy really has anything to do with it.


    SKILLERWHALE is the best poster in this thread.

    Korinthian is just some asshole whose self-assigned job is to bitch back and forth ruining the funny across the entire fucking site for no goddamn point.

    It’s getting old, shut the fuck up.



    I must have been away when they gave out the asshole license, but Max clearly has one. How about an argument instead of just acting cranky and call me names?

    How about you make me shut up instead of hiding behind profanity? That’s much more fun, and will probably teach you to respect your betters.



    My point is that your only point around here seems to be being a jerk to anyone who looks at you. Granted I did more than that, but rather than considering my argument you fling it back in my face.

    The argument, sir, is that you need to just enjoy the site instead of constantly picking flamewars that serve no purpose.

    “How about you make me shut up” I’m not even touching the grade level of that statement, but furthermore it’s not really possible considering my moral and practical abilities.

    Not to mention egotistical jerks never much inspired much respect from me (ed note: see “respect your betters” argument for detail)

    quit tending to your ego/e-penis and have some fun. I’d say why so serious, but your comments have angered me such that it’d be hypocritical.


    If you don’t want no part of this, stay away, or is that too complicated a task for you?

    I don’t know why you think you have any kind of moral authority, but to me you are just another guy trying to look good in front of his friends (I assume now that you are not as new around here as I am).

    But I am all for that, polish that armor to a shine and stand up, firm and strong against the mean bully that has come to destroy your quiet little part of the Internet. I am sure you get something out of it, as I will.

    There is nothing wrong with having an ego, although I guess someone with less brains and beauty than others skulk around the net hunched over. But I won’t, and some harsh words from another shining knight on the web will only convince me I am doing this place a service.

    So lighten up and use more lube next time you try to remove that stick. I bet we could be the best of friends.

    Oh, and I am having fun.


    (sigh) you must have misunderstood.

    I said you shouldn’t waste your time on pointless arguments (such as this, I’m now sure)

    I said I LACKED the moral ability to, ah, “make you” shut up.

    I’m a loser with no girlfriend who cries himself to sleep every night. Now that my word stands true with your perceptions, we can move on and assume I can’t impress anyone (doing so on the internet is a waste anyways)

    I didn’t say having an ego was wrong, everybody’s got it. using stupid arguments as reasons to stroke your own I do consider wrong.

    “lighten up” is exactly what I hope to do on this site, but constant bitter and worthless flamewars do little to help. I was in debate in high school (GOD I’M COOL) so I feel drawn to argument and the flaws present in them. So I get into this.

    “and some harsh words from another shining knight on the web will only convince me I am doing this place a service.”


    So why bother to comment if you are just going to give up like that? How disappointing, but it usually comes to that, I guess.

    I love discussing with people that has been on the debate team, they seem to think that the same rules apply on the Internet, which makes them too easy targets, most of the time. The fun thing is that they enter the argument thinking they have the upper hand.


    “you shouldn’t waste your time on pointless arguments”

    your move.


    let me amend the end to “that do nothing positive for anyone else and just piss people off”.

    I forgot that.


    Is that a good-bye? I sure hope Caio sticks around at least.

    And calling me a jerk really hurt my feelings, if you care about my feelings at all, you should at least apologize.


    actually it was an argument you never refuted.

    Not that I claim that makes it my victory, I’m sure you have some way to dispute.


    I thought the “I’m having fun” explained it. And your argument seems to imply that I care about everybody else. Whatever gave you that idea?

    Besides, the fact that you think something is pointless does in no way mean that it is. The worst thing about being a genius is that you can’t expect everyone to understand you, that goes for extremely stupid people as well, of course. Either way I’m covered.


    : The Scots aren’t going to claim independence. They’re happy to have a say in Westminster on English politics without the reverse, and happy for the English taxpayer to fund their populist healthcare and education schemes.

    Aye,patriotism is for tools.


    Both Great Countries and both very powerful Military wise. I don’t see the problem here.

    Also if you’re going to say “the American Empire is collapsing” make sure we’re on an economic depression. Because we’ve had much worse slowdowns that did lead to depressions and we’re still here… If anything we’re expanding by exerting power in the middle east right now.


    Ok, caring more about self than others is the reason then (not totally wrong or out of the ordinary to be honest, just doesn’t float my boat).


    I doubt you can say going into the middle east strengthened the US’s power or prestige. Granted we’re more involved in that area now (expanding) but is that really a good thing?


    Max: Caring about yourself foremost *is* the boat. Don’t be a door mat.


    I’m going to have to go with Max on this one.


    Yeah, as in the PEOPLE of england suck and the nation/government (which would be england) suck harder. God fucking damn do you take the dime a dozen ” ZOMG CREATIONISTS/THEISTS V.S. ATHEISTS ” that seriously? Here, go buy some extenze get off your fat eurotrash or amerifag ass and get a life.Drink paint and sit on a rake.


    This nation was founded under God and I’m sorry if you can’t stand a small printing on your money.


    ManTheHarpoons: Then I bet you wouldn’t mind having “Allah is great” on your currency? I mean, it would just be a small printing. And you should really read up on the forefathers and what your nation was in fact founded on.


    Yeah but Allah is just Arabic for God.


    Gee, I bet you all made us learn something today, Caio.

    You’ve got to stop missing the point all the time if you want to appear somewhat intelligent.


    If helping other people gets me labels like doormat, bitch, etc. then I’ll gladly accept them. We all think about ourselves enough, and If I work for others enough to be called that, I won’t complain.


    Actually, if people realized Allah = God then having that on their money wouldn’t cause much of a stink (beyond it being not in english, despite having no “official language” in america :P)

    However, most people don’t realize beyond spelling, technically we could call God(/Yahweh/Flying Spagetti Monster/whatever) Allah and it’d be cool. The real problem is the ignorance of at least enough of the population to instantly yell TERRORISM. I won’t go into the (alleged) ties between Islam and terrorism, but enough would assume them to cause a helluva stink.

    This thread may well be dead, but whatever. If somebody sees it feel free to critique.


    Max: Nope, even if people knew it meant “God”, it wouldn’t matter. It is the very in-your-face insinuation that it means the god of Islam.

    And yeah, you could argue that it is the same god, but that argument ain’t circular enough to work on the religious.

    Christians given room in the media will always be offended by everything, and there is no changing that.


    Ok, a lot of you Americans believe that the US is better. Let’s think about this, without the Brits, the US wouldn’t be what it is today, the US language is an abomination of the English language, you wiped out the American Indians and placed them on shitty reservations, adding to that is the fact that typical US students aren’t taught about what happened to the American Indians.
    And don’t even start the argument about which is more secular because Christianity has the most paigan links out of all the monotheistic religions.
    England certainly has its problems, such as a crap Prime Minister, but at least we are allowed to know about our country’s problems without having the police on our doorstep.


    sinfulcola: Brits colonized and wiped out natives and gave them sickness. America learned how to do everything wrong from your country. England also loves to enjoy reminding Ireland who is ruling who. As for
    “without having the police on our doorstep.” The place in the world with the most cameras filming it’s own people would be London.

    Also American students DO learn quite a but about what America did to the Native Americans. The teachers go over it in Junior High and High School. In college they dive even deeper.

    As for America making a mess out of English. The language is a mess anyhow. One of the toughest to learn and for good reason.


    I honestly think the English language is one that does better as it evolves. It’s a very nimble language and can handle everything we do to it. How many other languages have crosswords, puns & anagrams, acrostic puzzles, etc…?


    I speak spanish and it has its fair also. Just don’t try to translate english puns in spanish, it doesn’t work most of the time. I’m sure all languages have their own crosswords and such.

    We’re just ignorant to them.


    Dreth: No they don’t, not really. English is a different kind of language. We let it go, other languages are much more strict about usage. The only other language that I know of offhand w/ that flexibility is Latin. It has a lot to do w/ grammar and how much you can play around w/ it.


    I’m not calling you stupid or anything, you may be right for all I know.

    But I reaaally doubt you’ve studied all the languages in the world, and all their small variations. A foreigner that does not have english as his/her primary language will not know of all the “flexibility” within it.

    You may have the idea that the spanish-language is rigid with its meanings, and spanish-speaking people will think like you (except vice-versa) and believe THEIR language is the most flexible one.


    Dreth: I understand what you’re saying and of course, every language has it level of nuances. What I’m talking about is really grammar and how you can play w/ it. The Latin and Teutonic languages grammar don’t really have the ability to be moved around to change meanings. Most languages can’t be put backwards. It’s extremely rare. I don’t actually know that much about the Asian languages and they may, but from what I have seen they tend to play w/ numbers rather than language. For the very reason that we “bastardize” our language is what also makes it possible to have palindromes, homonyms and especially synonyms. There’s not another language that has synonyms like we do (amount of synonyms). Many of our nouns, adjectives and even verbs have dozens of synonyms. Is there another language where 1 person doubled the vocabulary? An English dictionary can have as many as 750,000 words and that does not include scientific names. No other language comes close. There are objective reasons for my point and it’s not just our language is best crap. Puulaahi said English is the hardest language for a foreigner to learn. That’s true precisely for the reasons I’ve stated.


    Is it true that it has many *many* synonyms, but you miss that English is mainly “shared” and it shares the same meanings in most places that it’s used in.

    For example, the american english has a only few slight differences from british version, besides pronounciation.

    In spanish, with each and every place you visit, you get all kinds of different meanings for the same words depending on the region. For example, in Dominican Republic they call cold beers ceniza, and the real meaning of the word itself is ash or ashes. Also, spanish has different words for female and male subjects (el, ella, perro, perra), which the english language lacks.

    So while english may be considered the largest in terms of quantity, (giving it a great advantage) it doesn’t mean it has the most variety in terms of use.

    Anyway I’m running an uphill battle here, and it’s late so I give up.

    But I’d like to say english is pretty easy to learn, getting used to the lingo found in everyday conversations takes some getting used to. But then again, that comes with EVERY language.


    Dreth: You may be right. So, I’ll say speaskers, writers and users of all kind of the English language just love to play w/ words (and usage) in a way I’ve never seen in any other language (and I have some xp w/ the various European languages).

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