Cute Baby Possum

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    I damn love those animals, I work with them and they are a hell of a lot of fun up until they get bitey. Then they are a lot less fun and a whole lot more painful and bleedy on your part.

    P.S. Its an Opossum. It is free to pronounce possum or Opossum, but a possum is another species completely.


    Awww. So cute!


    There was a family of them living under the porch when I was little. They are really cute…when they’re not roadkill…or pretending to be roadkill.


    I’ve found them to be nothing more than vicious, nasty creatures. My cats run from them.



    Thats odd, we live out in the country and have a number of Opossum that have shown up over the years to eat cat food with the outside kitties on the deck. And at my parents house growing up we had a female that would bring her babies to eat with the outside cats there. We even had a large older slightly disabled one under the deck for a few seasons who looked like he had gotten his hip messed up by either a car or a dog at some point. He wouldn’t even run if you walked outside, as long as you didn’t get too close. And if you did he wouldn’t get nasty or hissy or anything. He would just slowly wander off. Otherwise he would sit there and eat and watch the world go by while you sat on the deck 5 feet from him and read a book. He even made his was back to our deck when he was hit by a car and was passing away. Unfortunately he passed rather quickly after we found him. I rather miss that barracuda faced little old guy. They seem to have a bad rap because they are are not pretty creatures as adults. But they are awfully cute at the size they are in the subject photo.


    Perhaps opossum don’t get along well in suburbia. I live outside Los Angeles (San Fernando Valley).

    I am also assuming the same species pictured here are the ones around the neighborhood.


    Cute, but shitty speed bumps.


    every time i’ve seen one of these things, it’s tried to attack me. i don’t know about anywhere else, but in southern ontario, these fuckers are mean.


    when i was 13, my cousin killed an opossum with an aluminum baseball bat from about 20 feet away.

    i can still see the bat twirling through the air on the way to the direct hit.

    BOOM! headshot


    They’re cute until you find one trapped in your garage…


    Sharwnthla was exposed to the peaceful woodland possum, while the others (mike especially) no doubt ran into the ghetto possum, normally identified by 9 bullets lodged in its body.


    possum ears are weird

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