Property of… Jesus Christ

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    get it? owned? hahahahahaha


    I’d like to see a bill of sale. Let’s hope for Jesus’ sake that this guy’s not a lemon.


    maybe not owned, but nailed.


    How can he be property of an imaginary idol?

    It might as well say “Property of the EC, Easter Bunny”.


    Wow. What a fag.


    And yet, strangely enough, he still can’t get laid.


    “I gave myself to Jesus… now he never calls.”


    “It might as well say “Property of the EC, Easter Bunny”.”


    Easter Cunny.


    ^^ LoLz! You beat me to it!


    It must be pretty boring being a dead guy’s slave.


    Why you would walk around proudly displaying your delusions like that is beyond me. It is almost as he wants to draw attention to the fact that Jesus wanted you to own slaves.


    Hey guys Korinthian posted about religion.


    You know, Caio, I’d really prefer you defending your christ than repeating yourself. Because I really don’t think you’re an atheist.


    Why you would walk around proudly displaying your delusions like that is beyond me.

    Because that man’s a Jesus freak.


    That’s like the fifth time you’ve called me Christian.

    Do you see all these people here? How they don’t talk about religion in every post and stuble review? Most of them are atheists, just not retards.

    Just because I think you’re an idiot, and a spammer, and a bore, and obnoxious, and easily trolled, doesn’t mean I disagree with you about fundamental metaphysical points, it just means I have outside interests aside from not believing in something.

    But no, it doesn’t really surprise me that your primitive, ignorant two-valued, black-and-white world view refuses to admit any idea more subtle than “WITH US OR AGAINST US” you fucking dumbshit.


    Oh, the teenage hormones take control yet again! You’d be more convincing throwing tantrums about things like this if your only interest was something else than to follow me around the Internet and blotch my cyber ink with your tears.

    I must have really hurt your feelings at some point. And that makes me sad.


    When I talk about a subtle worldview, korinthian, here’s what I mean:

    We share a planet with several billion religious people. And not a single one of those people is going to change their mind about religion because some smug obsessive fucktard talks down to them on the internet.

    Now, I can enjoy peacefully coexisting with people who are funny, interesting, friendly, whatever: I don’t really care what they do when they kneel before going to bed at night. Or I can make my life difficult by declaring some bloated culture war on the innernets and attack anyone who doesn’t share my beliefs and ally myself with obnoxious fuckheads like yourself who have nothing to offer as human beings. Now what do you think would be the smart option?


    You talk like a pageant girl wishing for world peace. This is the Internet. Welcome.


    I think my least favorite posts to MCS are the atheist/theist ones because it starts these retarded threads where people say absolutely nothing worth reading and the few people who say anything worthwhile are picked on by the religiously insecure douches who want to be given credit for having senses of humor but for the most part FAIL.

    Oh, and I agree with Caio.


    The internet doesn’t have to be the end of human intelligence. People make the choice to communicate poorly and propagate the idea that it’s kewl to be morons. It’s one of my least favorite things about being American… the whole “it’s bad to do well, lame to be smart” thing.


    Oh, man, Korinthian is giving me a lesson on being an internet tough guy. All you aspiring eThugs out there, here is your bible:


    outo: of course it doesn’t have to be the end of manners and intelligence. But before you hug Caio again you should check back on who’s doing the cussing and stalking around this place.

    Helping people like Caio to understand that they aren’t as smart as they think is what they hired me for.

    If you want a lesson, I’ll be in a religious thread near you. Or you could check out my stumbleupon page, especially the reviews by not-so-bright people I seem to have offended of course.


    Hey, I agree with Caio ONCE and you accuse me of touching him? Sloooow down! Caio reminds me of an ex-boyfriend (not the best choice on my part, I know) so I can’t help but play with him but I’m not going to deny when he says something I agree with.

    I don’t think you are helping anyone here to understand much of anything about themselves. The sort of work that it takes to get people to change perspective is better done in other environments. If you really are oh so smart, you probably know that.

    Making a statement like, “Welcome to the internet” is making excuses for poor behavior on your part and everyone else’s. The way to make a difference in most things is to STOP making excuses and hold to your values.

    So much of what I’ve seen you say, the way that you say it (including how you type) is a complete contradiction to much of what you just said to me.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Let me be perfectly clear, no sarcasm:
    I seriously never, ever get tired of the atheist/religious threads. Watching people flail around trying to rationalize their beliefs is just slightly less funny than watching someone run into a glass door. It never gets old. LOL
    Maybe this guy is a slave on a Mexican plantation?


    outo: I have never claimed to be a good guy, and I am pretty sure I have not insinuated it either. I usually welcome people to the Internet when they react as if they just got here, saying things like “why are you rude to me after I displayed a lack of IQ?”.

    I mean really, someone had to show him, and I must admit I take some pleasure doing just that.

    I don’t mind you saying you agree with anyone, in fact I highly approve of it.

    Could you specify where I contradicted myself?


    fuck jesus christ


    jahova likes moobs?


    atheism is actually becoming a religion, with blabbering fanatics devoting time they could be spending playing in traffic to spreading their wisdom in order to put themselves forward.
    i used to assume i was “an atheist”, but i’ll just go back to the old “i dont know and i dont give a fuck”.


    Brushaway: yes, I agree, just like the lack of belief in flesh-eating telephones is turning into a political campaign. You, sir, are quite clueless.



    Based on your last blurb, I no longer think you contradicted yourself. I get it now.

    I have like 10 paragraphs of thought that I’m just not going to bother typing up because it will be way too serious of a discussion for this site.



    Welcome to agnosticism: the belief where most don’t care and no one pretends to know the answers.

    woo woo.


    I’m an atheist. What’s your point?


    oops, saw your name too much in this thread and then stared at my tv as I typed my comment.

    That was to be aimed at brushaway.



    Many animals display colors warning predators away. Humans have to do the same with clothing. This display means “inferior intelligence genes, do not mate with.”

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