Gold Porsche

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Spotted in Russia… with 40lbs of Gold over the body.

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    what no spinners?


    someone is gonna key that fucker good. the owner will be able to afford the repair.


    Someone’s gonna steal all that gold is what they’re gonna do. The owner will be able to afford to replace it.



    Lord Cocksworth

    It would be insane if that were pure gold, you’d need the engine from a small space shuttle just to move the damn thing.


    @ Lord Cock : Read anything lately? It says 40lbs. That is just a bit under 20kg. Porsche has more than enough power to haul it to 200km/h and beyond. Those are not “screwed on gold bullion.” They just have been made to look that way.

    @ Dyna-Mole, AgZed : Notice the Russian license plate? In Russia, you definitely do not want to fuck with a car like that. The owner will come after you (put goons after you) and apply same methods that were used when obtaining the money for that car.

    teezy weezy

    996 fail


    Wikianswers: “As of 10, August 2007, 8:08 GMT, the price of gold is 8070.00USD per Pound, or 672.50USD per ounce. This is measured in troy ounces.”

    That’s $322 800 for the gold alone if anyone cares.


    actually, the price of gold is set twice a day in london by 5 banks. gold is traded at the New York Mercantile Exchange, and the price at the time of this post is $891/tr oz.

    and Lord Cocksworth, if it’s only 40 lbs of gold, you won’t need NASA to build you a new engine


    it got the “BEST PAINT” award at the car show…


    omg guys

    “It would be insane ((((((if)))))) that were pure gold, you’d need the engine from a small space shuttle just to move the damn thing.”

    keyword would be “if”, if you didn’t realize already.


    Not shown in the image is the guy standing next to the car. He is holding a cigarette and has tattoos on his knuckles. His only job is to stand next to the car at all times. He smells like vodka and cabbage, and he will kill you.


    thank god unknown is a citizen of the world. thanks for the nolij.

    that guy looks like a cheap rich asshole bcuz the gold is worth way more than the car. a Murcielago would have been much more ostentatious for his wealthy friends to appreciate.


    Gold is a horrible material to make a car out of, leave it in the sun too long, and your car will have the consistency of one of those tempurpedic matresses


    Really? Maybe that’s why we don’t see a lot of cars made of gold.