No Humping Allowed

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    Bad shop is bad.


    This sign only forbids it til you’re married, right?


    You know, in the years before Photoshop, people actually went outside to /physically/ alter actual signs with whatever means were available. And no one told them “Bad physical alteration is bad.” What would make someone think this is a shopped pic anyway? A shopper could do so much better than this.


    don’t worry about it loserwannabe

    the people on the site are compelled to say things regardless of whether they make sense or not. Any opportunity to drop a phrase used by the community is immediately pursued. “It’s a trap”, “shopped”, “(variable) is (same variable)”, grammatical criticism, intentional incomplete sentences, the list goes on. Just be sure to be the first one to act like a zombie.


    This is not a fake sign, a shooped sign, or an altered sign. Sorry, folks.

    These signs are commonly seen on Marine Corps bases and they designate areas where forced marching (or “humping” as it is affectionately referred to) is forbidden, either because of terrain/flora/fauna or because the base commanding officer decided so.


    yeah, actually, it’s pretty fake. whether real signs like this exist is up for debate, but this one is clearly a no dumping sign that someone either photoshopped or drew on.


    It’s a very clear physical alteration job, you can see the curvature of what was a D and even some black specks where it was not completely covered up/ removed. However, it is still funny!

    And I think thats the first intelligent post I’ve ever seen evil illuminati make.


    Meh…I prefer my made-up answer to trying to discern the alteration of a “D” into an “H”.


    LPT, it’s because both you and EI are newfags

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