The Latino Vote

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    Oye guay!


    Some dumb ass latinos that would vote for a Republican. The Republican party pretty much thrives on WASP xenophobia at this point.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Republicans have been consistent about not enforcing immigration laws for latinos and granting them amnesty every 20 years or so.
    But if you have a PhD and try to immigrate legitimately, welcome to bureaucratic hell.


    I don’t know why there’s so much hate on the republican party. There’s liberal Republicans just like there’s conservative democrats. Republicans have done quite a good job (up until Bush).

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “Republicans have done quite a good job (up until Bush).”
    Nixon and Reagan didn’t exactly do a “good job”.




    They did a good job at what up to Bush? Training Osama and Al-Qaeda? Bombing the shit out of Nicaragua because it wouldn’t drop tariffs? Threatening to do the same to Jamaica when they would drop aluminum tariffs and calling their just elected right-wing leader a communist dictator? Iran-Contra? Electing a good actor as a frontman president for a non transparent cabinet? Making that actor a senile of man who in reality was barely in touch with this planet much less politics and believed aliens were ushering in an apocalypse because a psychic hinted at it? Or were you talking… Read more »

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    “WASP xenophobia”?

    I say good day to you sir and your misuse of your time machine. I mean of all the years to travel back to why would you choose 1987? Because that’s the last time white guilt carried any weight in circles that matter.


    Those all seem to be related to War or invasion of privacy, not fiscal policy and support of the economy and growth. Way to one side a whole party based on your own personal belief we shouldn’t be bombing a few people.

    Alec Dalek

    What Caio said.


    I think latinos must return to where the hell they came from, we don’t need them here…wait…I’m a latino… thanks god I live in Brazil! Third world is rocking…said bob nesta marley!!


    I want to know what letters are on the dudes in the boxes.


    Nixon was a bastard, but he was a good president.


    @Thrella: Let’s look at the major economic crises, then: Nixon years: Incredibly sluggish. Reagan years: Came in on a slightly bad economy, drove it into the ground. Temporarily reversed the trend, only to see, during the early HR Bush years, a cataclysmic fall worse than anything American has seen before the war. Clinton years: Unprecedented growth. W Bush: Arguably the economic decline started during the very last months of the Clinton years in the form of some slight sluggishness. However, about two months after he took office, the economy nearly collapsed. And don’t blame 9-11. The downward spiral started well… Read more »


    *has seen before the war = has seen since before the war.


    And keep in mind that the vast majority of economic measures are standardized by fiscal conservatives who would love to see the republicans fixing the economy.

    The numbers just don’t like. I could go more in depth if you like, but I didn’t want to be TL;DR.


    Also, arguably, the only reason that there was a brief and minor economic turnaround during the Reagan years is that the economy was sliding down so fast that American industry and real estate that the Japanese could buy it on mass. The HW economic catastrophy happened maybe a month or two after the famous Japanese bubble burst, which is no coincidence. It was only Clinton who was able to undue Reagan’s abuse of the dollar and wasteful spending. You talk about fiscal responsibility, but, you know, a lot of this sluggishness corresponds to escalating Viet Nam, arming Al-Qaeda, bombing Nicaragua…… Read more »