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Taken at Shabuway in Mountain View. Shabu Shabu is the bomb. I can’t vouch for the beer as it wasn’t mine.

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    yum. why can’t we have beer vending machines in America? land of the free my butt! i wanna beer on the street. suck my ass bike cop!


    I just got back to the US after spending two years living in Japan and IMHO Japanese beer is crap. But that’s coming from someone who doesn’t like beer dry enough to shrivel your tongue like a snail under 50 pounds of rock salt. If that’s your thing, then Japanese beer is for you!


    Sapporo is ok in a can (which I don’t normally like), but not so much in a bottle.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Asahi is better. Sapporo is very good.

    Americans can never ever in any way ever critique beer. American beer is a joke. I thought you guys were aware of that.

    I’m drinking Rickards White a lot lately.


    Correction: mass-market American beer is a joke. There’s a lot of smashingly good microbrews around here.


    Does that mean we are allowed to critique beer?

    Karatesaurus Rex

    Just because our commercial beers are shit, don’t mean we can’t critique. Otherwise the English could never critique food or personal hygeine.

    Asahi and Sapporo are REALLY dry, but very crisp and tasty as well. Both strangely enough are better out of a can.


    Glass and aluminum have different properties. Light tends to ruin beer, even those on darker bottles. Plus, theres a lot of factors involving how the beer is made and placed.

    Still, good stuff, i like japanese beer.


    rickards white is nice. I’ve been drinking Big Rock’s XO Lager quite a bit myself

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