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I just got this done today, on the way to work. Got it to honor my late Grandfather, who served in the Navy during WWII. May he rest in peace.

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    I have a friend who is doing a project on military tattoos.


    I’m getting tattoos of Striders, in memory of the fictional 7 hour war.


    At least your tattoo has a reason behind it. Unlike all the tramp stamps. Also, I like everything connected to Popeye.


    I agree with Korinthian; the meaning behind the tat determines the substance.

    Condolences on your grandfather. Just lost mine as well. Your tattoo is great, but I don’t need to tell you that.


    I meant to type: but you don’t need me to tell you that. Wow. I suck at thinking.


    Nice tatoo, always glad to see ink with a purpose. Sorry about your grandfather. Mine served as a Sgt. on Guam and Guadacanal.


    Hey, I know this guy! Showed him this site at work. It is a nice tattoo as well. Nice to see he’s actually working at work…


    The placement and anchor remind me of Popeye’s arms.

    That being said, nice tattoo.


    nice… do you work in construction as well???


    forgive me, for i shall sound like such a troll, but doesn’t originality count for substance? this is a highly unoriginal idea. i’ve seen so many first timers in tattoo shops getting stuff that represents a dead relative or their children. many do it to test the waters, and because it’s a safe idea. it represents honor and family and indelible feelings, but does that really count for substance? i mean, how deep do you have to reach to pull out that idea?

    sorry, man. it’s not like you don’t have a nice tattoo there. i just wanted to address some common perceptions of what gives tattoo design substance.


    He has 10 tattoos, so he isn’t a rookie at the tattoo thing.
    Big Joe
    Its always up, because I am so good I can check this site and get work done, I am just that damn good.

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