Beijing Night Market

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I didn’t actually eat anything at the night market because some of the places sold durian which smelled a lot like rotting corpse to me.

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    These pictures are amazing. And how come you know what rotting corpse smells like?


    Some lead a different life….


    I think i would try the grasshoppers…


    Welcome to Beijing, home of putting anything on a stick. Next up, plasma screen on a stick.


    I can’t wait to try the Stick-On-A-Stick 😀


    Melon-on-a-stick seems like it’d be pretty convenient to eat if it went all the way through.


    I’ve always wanted to try all the crazy foods with insects.


    Durian is fucking NASTY… I made the mistake of buying durian-flavored wafers from an Asian market once and I had to ventilate my apartment. I thought for sure they were rancid, but no, that’s just the way durian fruit is.

    I remember an episode of Bizarre Foods where Andrew Zimmern nearly chundered after trying a bite of it. This is the guy who eats “delicacies” like rotten eggs and pickled testicles without so much as a wince.


    As i was looking through those pictures, memories came flooding back (Granted, it wasnt that long ago, a few months i think that i went there), and i just thought “Those places fucking STUNK”…. Then i read the text, and i was like, ‘O’lol, trudat”.

    So there’s my story.

    Fucking STINKS.


    , haha alright. Fresh corpse, phew. I was beginning to worry.


    You either love it or hate it. I love durian and I think it smells great.

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