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Anyone else excited about this show? I’ll admit I was in 7th grade when it came out and was hooked on every episode until the very end! I cannot wait to see what they do with this. However, with the fleeting nature of today’s television series, i’m sure it will somehow be short lived even if it doesn’t suck.

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    tiki god

    oh man, I’m going to watch this as much as I did the original one!

    aka, not at all. why remake crap tv shows that no one watched to begin with?


    Tiki, I agree. Crap. The unfortunate thing is that a lot of people did watch it. That is why the remake. I sure as heck was not one of them and will not be in the future. Contrary to what some will say I *do* have some standards.

    Luke Magnifico


    You cannot deny that this show was and will be a collection of great breasts.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Why not a remake of good shows like A-Team and MacGuyver?


    The first sucked huge dong(I still watched it. Tiffani Amber-Thiessen my heart goes out to thee <3)

    Not gonna watch this one. The first was primarily on when I came home from school and in that day we had but 2 channels of television.


    What the fuck.


    probably gonna suck… there is nothing new in this world? is it part of some alien agenda? they want us to stop watching television, and read more books and exercise? I like to be fat and stupid, and will fight for my right to keep it this way…wait… no I will not fight, I’m too lazy…


    this is what the writer’s strike did to us. we now get LAME shows because all the good writers found other gigs. that’s why we lost SMITH, and LIFE, and several other shows. now they have to rapidly deploy CRAP for us to watch.

    i’ll never watch 90120…


    It’s not the aliens. It’s the agenda of the Illuminati to bore us into killing ourselves so the Illuminati will have smaller groups of people to control. Once these groups are controlled, the Illuminati and Freemasons will put the remaining people into concentration camps where most people will most likely be gassed. Just ask EVIL ILLUMINATI, he’ll tell you all about it.


    If the show is going to suck half as bad as the photoshop-job they did in the picture…it’s going to be really bad.




    Yep, I admit, I admit, I watched it every Saturday. But it was, hmmm, XX century.

    I was 15. People used to make many stupid things, when there’re 15. Michael Jackson’s Thriller par exemple.

    OK, Brenda was hot, but what I sait, it was XX century.

    Yes, this is my first comment on MCS, and I think it’s right thread 😀

    OK, Brenda was hot. But she was born in 1971.


    Nice to see Token breaking out of the animation genre


    ROFLMFAO- you beat me to the punch!

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