IQ vs Religion importance

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Science agrees, they are fucking retarded.

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    In before atheists and christians alike


    In b4 crazy spam only freaks read/participate in


    there’s a big gap right in the middle


    Republicans Report Much Better Mental Health Than Others

    Republicans are significantly more likely than Democrats or independents to rate their mental health as excellent, according to data from the last four November Gallup Health and Healthcare polls. Fifty-eight percent of Republicans report having excellent mental health, compared to 43% of independents and 38% of Democrats. This relationship between party identification and reports of excellent mental health persists even within categories of income, age, gender, church attendance, and education.

    tl;dr Smarter you are, the more crazier you are. I guess there’s a tradeoff in everything.


    Ahh, made up charts.

    Love how it tops off at IQ of 110, REAL good qualifier for smarts. But if your gonna go as low as 60, I mean the upper threshold for retardation start at 70. And look at that sample size, I mean there has got to be 40-50 people on that, guy prolly polled a family reunion, or all the people his mom said could be his dad.

    Science agrees? Sounds like douchebags making really bad charts do. And seriously douchebag, learn to crop your photos better.


    Diabeetus – The quoted area just says they report THEMSELVES as being in great mental health. After all of the claims made with absolute certainty by most hardcore republicans, is it so surprising they’d claim perfect competence? I’d say anyone who says they are not of EXCELLENT mental health…is probably better in touch with themselves, and reality, than most of those who claim they are. Now that I think about it…what zealous right winger goes to something as liberal as a shrink when they’re not batshit crazy? And what batshit crazy right-winger admits being batshit crazy? It’s a vicious circle.… Read more »


    When is diabeetus getting banned for spamming? or for saying words?

    Alec Dalek

    It’s simple. In order to see through the various flavors of religious bullshit, it takes intelligence. This is why religion only infects the unintelligent and/or foolish elements of society. You do find some smart people at church, but they usually have an angle, like it’s the only way they could get laid, or they just want to feel like a huge fish in a tiny puddle.


    Well, duh. What thinking person would believe in all the self-contradictionary fiction found in the bible? Either they haven’t read the book, or they are pretty dumb. You can be smart and believe, though, even if you probably are not smart enough to recognize fables when you see them.


    (BTW, someone mentioned the fact that the graph only goes up to 110. The same trends can be found up to the very top.)


    It’s not “made-up”, though I know teh Goog is a bit overly complicated for some of us here. Here’s an example with citations: There are plenty of sources of data for this stuff. In this case, each point on the scattergram represents the average IQ of a country (as reported in a published, reproducible study). The placement left to right indicates another study where respondents answered questions about the importance of religion in their lives. Here’s a Pew report showing that poor countries tend to be more religious (except the US…): Also, that Gallup poll on mental health… Read more »


    I’m usually the first person to say religious people are total fucktards, but this graph just is fake. As Nimbo said, an IQ of 110 isn’t all that schmart.

    Fake graph is fake.


    awfulintentions: apparently your ability to read comments is as bad as your intentions.


    No, Diabeetus is right, Conservatives are much happier with their lives than liberals, in general. It is usually attributed to the fact that Conservatives are Older, which means fewer stresses. They are Religous, which offers tremendous security (hence its creation), and they are married. Liberals tend to be young, atheistic, and don’t have equivalent marriage rates. They also tend to be more intellectual than conservatives, and thus better able to see the big picture. Ignorance can be bliss at times. and let’s not forget the old fact that if a person looked into the face of god, they would be… Read more »


    Ahem new people. Read comment from st_judas. Those are NOT MENSA IQ numbers.


    @Alec Dalek: you generalize way too much. you just said religious people cannot be smart unless they are getting laid by going to church. where the fuck do you live? Religion is merely living and thinking a certain way because you feel it is right and will benefit your life. Sounds alot like atheists too dunnit? some of the atheists in here are so proud to proclaim it and group together ina cult like fashion. So convinced they are right and everyone else is wrong. People can invent their own religions, and they should because we are creatures of habit.… Read more »


    The reason why IQ tests for religious people come up lower is because “Openness of mind for other ideas” is one of the big factors in IQ.

    Religious people rarely have open minds. So Science only agrees that religious people are dumber because they make it so based on someone’s belief.

    And thats why the IQ test fails so miserably at estimating intelligence.


    “The reason why IQ tests for religious people come up lower is because “Openness of mind for other ideas” is one of the big factors in IQ.” No. It’s not. This is a cooked graph, as we’ve established. The only real study in IQ/Religion correlation has been dismissed by pretty much all experts, not for it’s conclusions but for it’s methodology. Namely, most IQ administrators simply don’t ask about religion. It was Texas Sharpshooting plain and simple. Besides, one study doesn’t qualify as proof. If you’re intelligent and well-read enough to understand scholarly methodology, you would know that. Ask any… Read more »


    Also, typos, fuck you, figure them out yourselves.


    Another fun fact about psychology being a soft science: Before lobotomies were made illegal pretty much everywhere on earth, the most generous survey of the practise reported that they worked under 40% of the time and resulted in fatalities just under 15% of the time. The study then concluded that lobotomies were a successful cure for nonspecified. Can you imagine what medicine would be like if medical researchers considered that successful? Even if there were a survey (I repeat there’s not), psychologists don’t feel the need to conform to any academic or ethical standards. Take everything they say with a… Read more »


    Dyna-mole: You have no clue what atheists are like, do you? Or what atheism means. Look it up, try again. Thanks.


    Ladies and Gentlemen: Alec vs. Dyna-mole vs. Korinthian. Should you feel entertained or full of pity?


    But I’ll venture a guess on the loser: Find Korinthian’s stumble upon profile. He has spent thousands upon thousands of hours finding atheist users and leaving infantile ‘ur a poo-head’ comments on their articles. If you look at the timestamps you will realize that he often spends 5-6 hours a day doing this.

    “some of the atheists in here are so proud to proclaim it and group together ina cult like fashion. So convinced they are right and everyone else is wrong.”

    That pretty much sounds like Dyna knows what atheists are like.


    Poor Caio feels ignored.


    Let me rephrase that: he finds religious people and leaves comments on their user page:

    Obsessive much? You spend more time preaching against religion than the pope for it. I’m sure even Benedictus has an outside hobby, man.


    What do Atheists know? i don’t know, probably a lot. but do they know more about life after death than religious people? no. cuz you can’t. here’s a scientific rationale: you cannot disprove the existence God. and until you do, Atheism is no more scientific than handling snakes in church.


    p.s. Dyna-Mole wins and pees in their butts.


    “What do Atheists know? i don’t know, probably a lot. but do they know more about life after death than religious people? no. cuz you can’t.”

    i created an account here just so i could login and post this:

    Dyna-Mole, you’re fucking stupid.


    j0e, what makes you say that? wait, tell me what happens after you die. make me a believer in nothing.


    according to common sense, reason, and science, you’re dead forever. if you have any proof to the contrary, pls post pics.


    ok atheist crusader, God is merely the representation of everything mysterious and unexplainable. He or She or It is the sum of all we don’t know. thousands and thousands of years ago, before we were even homo sapiens, we buried our dead with tools and clothes, to guide them in the afterlife. try to use science to explain our anscestors’ motives. science diligently attempts to weed out the false and mythical elements of our understanding. 90% of new information goes out the window eventually. but still, our science has limits because it is confined to the scope of our limited… Read more »

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “you must disprove the existence of God before it’s accepted as scientific knowledge. that’s how scientific method works. so don’t call me retarded, you dick”
    You were doing pretty good up to that point, but you’re retarded and you don’t know how the scientific method works. Look up null hypothesis. Also look up Russell’s Teapot.


    i have an invisible dragon in my garage. DISPROVE IT!


    j0e: yeah, invisible dragon is something obtuse someone made up to prove a point. man’s belief in the supernatural is a phenomenon that predates our species! @The Matrix: Rebooted: if i’m wrong, point out the holes in my logic. instead of telling me to read something, why don’t you explain it? since i’m retarded and all… if we’re just gonna tell each other to read shit, why don’t you read Why God Won’t Go Away: Brain Science and the Biology of Belief by Andrew Newberg M.D. It’s all secular n’ shit, my atheist friend, and it’ll explain the genetic rammifications… Read more »


    Dyna-Mole: yeah, god is something obtuse someone made up to prove a point.

    your next sentence boggles my mind: man (our species) had a belief that predated the species that had the belief? wow…

    anyway you still haven’t proven life after death so i’m afraid you lost the argument. thanks for playing though and I hope you had a swell time.


    Not involving myself in this round of debate. Just wanna ask: does the phrase common sense even mean anything anymore? I mean, originally it mean ideas and behaviours that were………. common. Or at the very least transparent to the common man. Now it’s become a way for angsty teenagers who hold opinions which aren’t held by the majority (and thus not common). Here’s a little guide for you: Not running into a busy highway = common sense. Holding an opinion which may be right and reasonable but is not held by the majority = not common sense. Also, I think… Read more »


    something a 5 year old can figure out on their own = common sense

    for example a 5 year old can observe that dead things don’t have a translucent version that floats up into the sky to hang out with baby jesus. therefore it’s common sense.

    the whole religion argument is so stupid. in literally all of recorded history there has never been the slightest evidence of god. not one piece of physical evidence. yet most of the world believes in it. humanity has not evolved very far from our predecessors.


    @Caio: Yeah, common sense isn’t that common, as someone famously said. But to think that it is a majority decision shows that you lack it. Thanks for contributing. @Dyna: Everyone has got their own definition of God that renders some or all parts of the bible useless, this is a good way to get away from stuff that your arguments are too weak to defend. You seem to think that our ancestors’ superstition has anymore meaning than trying to explain the unknown or the imaginary friend of a child for that matter, but where are your grounds for that? There… Read more »


    evolutionary trait*


    I’m sorry, are you saying that the majority of people in the world are non-religious? Maybe in secular central Europe (which is pretty high and mighty now considering they, once upon a time, gave us Christian imperialism and all), but the rest of the earth is, whether you like it or not, religious.


    Caio: go argue with the dictionary, I haven’t got the time to educate you on words and phrases that you fail to grasp.

    Also, everyone knows that the majority of the world is religious, so thanks again. But next time you might as well wait for someone to call Captain Obvious before you charge in, all dressed up in spandex.


    j0e: awareness of the self, our consciousness, the observer inside us is something common sense will tell you exists, but neurologists still don’t know what part of the brain it comes from. @Korinthian: i don’t lose sleep over it buddy. i’m just saying that “i’m not sure” is a more reasonable answer. i was saying that i can’t deny the existence of God or a force unknown that guides our lives, not that He is the One True God and all should obey His Holy Word the Bible. that is exactly what many atheists on this site wanna put in… Read more »


    We all got hunches we follow. and that’s all i gotta say.


    You know nothing with 100% certainty, that doesn’t mean “NO ONE KNOWS IF LEPRECHAUNS STEAL OUR SOCKS!” is more reasonable than assuming they don’t exist.

    So basically you are just being silly. Giving certain myths and fairy-tailes a free pass makes little sense. Time to grow up and all that.