Depressed Dog on the Street

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    I think someone here needs a hug… and a gun, so he can shoot to death this pervert son of a bitch that is taking his picture…wait…. this dog is a son of a bitch


    I think my heart just turned into unicorns.

    Wait, thats a bad thi –


    I would have taken this dog in a heartbeat. The owner is obviously a fucktard and should not be allowed to have pets or children.


    I’ve got the exact same dog in my backyard. The owner is so mean, the dog is always on a chain, has a little dog house but is forever chained to a corner outside, never to be visited, always to face the harsh elements. The cops wouldn’t do anything and neither did animal cruelty. It so sad I have to close my blinds.


    On the whole, as an animal rights activist, I don’t condone illegal activities, but damn that dog should be at a sanctuary or something.


    2 seconds from now he will be licking his crotch.. how cute.

    Isn’t this that alien from MIB?


    in all fairness, we are looking at one sad instant. maybe the dog doesnt like the sweater. Maybe the dog is faintly freaked out that a stranger is taking his picture up close too. Half a minute from then, the owner may come out of a store with something and the dog might be a totally different dog.




    You guys, anyone willing to dress up a dawg in a sweater, takes care of it. Even if it is way to extreme and creepy to dress an ANIMAL like a HUMAN.


    I bet he always looks like that. Cute when wagging his little tail, pitiful when he’s not.


    That dog hates that fucking sweater.


    I don’t see a dog in this picture. Just a football in a sweater.


    I think, honestly, someone just ran into a store to get something whilst walking the dog. Notice the animal is clean, completely clean. Sweater included. Nice coat on him as well, even if he looks pathetic as hell, he certainly doesn’t look unhealthy or malnourished ( maybe a little too nourished. ).

    Living in Redneckland, USA, I’ve seen some pretty abused animals. Several set afire with light fluid, buried alive, back paws cut off, you name it. I once reported a lady that lived down the road from me because her dog kept escaping and getting at everyone garbage because it was so underfed, bones sticking out everywhere, and it sat out in the hot Florida sun every day, while hambeast filled her face and smoked a pack or two a day. Bitch was so fucking lazy she couldn’t park her van in her driveway but right infront of her door and in her lawn.


    jesus people, dogs don’t have feeli–SOMEONE GIVE THAT POOR THING A COOKIE!


    Oops. I was really talking about EI’s neighbor’s dog. Yeah, this one is obviously well taken care of, but I still don’t see why the owner couldn’t take it in. Most big cities have a good number of places that don’t give a damn whether the health code does or not.


    i know my dog is really damn good at looking sad as hell when i tell her to go to her box, because she is totally not getting my sandwich. I get that ‘worst… mom… ever…’ look frequently when there is sandwich fail.

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