Spider eating a Snake

spider-catches-snake1.jpg (12 KB)

spider-catches-snake5.jpg (15 KB)

spider-catches-snake4.jpg (11 KB)

spider-catches-snake2.jpg (11 KB)

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    lol, surrounding looks like a motel I slept in one night. Called “webwood” no joke, seriously, that was the name. Dirtier than gay porn star’s ass.


    Holy shit.

    Black widows have strong webs.


    spider beets snake …. and rock

    teezy weezy

    KILL it.


    Call me a skeptic, but do y’all see that nice big belly wound in the first pic? The spider didn’t do that. And how the hell did the snake get in the web? My best guess is some douche has captured a redback (it is inside after all), then killed a snake and hung it in the redback’s web (thus the U shape of the hanging snake).
    Even if this is genuine, I still get stuck on the “how the hell did a snake get into that web?” question…


    My house in Florida was infested with Black Widows. Their webs are so much stronger than most other species of spider, you can surely tell when you walk through a black widow webline versus just some other spider’s webline. Makes you run around the yard wiggling like a little girl, just imagining that black widow looking for the pinkest part of you. Blech. Still… so fucking cool.



    I think you’re right, but I guess the snake could have tried jumping up at the spider to eat it, if the web had been lower and there wasn’t a gash in the snakes belly its believable. Most likely this is some sort of place where people wouldn’t want snakes around, so they kill them at first sight. And they like spider’s cause they eat insects and stuff, so why not feed a snake to one!


    I’m looking for an exterminator for both of them. I don’t want to be anywhere near black widows (and yes I know it prolly wouldn’t kill me). A1 know what kind of snake that is?


    Redbacks are similar to, but not the same as, Black Widows. Supposedly Redbacks are tougher by I’m not ausi I don’t know.


    Here’s my policy. If its in my house, KILL IT. If its outside where it belongs, look at it for a while cause its kinda fuckin cool.


    nuke it from orbit


    nyokki, that spider COULD kill you… but we have hospitals now.


    @nyokki let the spider eat the snake and then you just step on the spider


    My friend got bitten on the base of the spine by a black widow. He had to crawl on his stomach to the house, with his legs numb and non-functioning and whatnot. He had to get spinals for weeks, I believe. Could have been months. I’ve seen spider bites that cause necrosis of the skin. Not pretty at all.

    I’m not too good at dealing with spiders. I have slight arachnophobia, but am still fascinated by them. They’re so damn cool!


    Brown Recluse spiders scare me more than Black Widows. I was bit by one on my arm and after a few days there was a gaping hole that went deep down into my arm where it bit me, about the diameter of a pencil eraser at first. It got bigger and the pain got more excruciating after a couple more days. I went to the doctor and they gave me antibiotics to stop the acid-like venom from eating away at my arm. Nasty shit.


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