Nazi Olympic Relay

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    The Chinese learned from the Nazis’ big mistake… take over the world financially, not militarily.


    the speaker was adolf
    sure he was a dick
    but that doesnt mean that everything he always is wrong.
    or if you were talking about how a bad man realized that then whoops sorry.

    srsly why would protesting something thats sopposed to unite the world in a moment of respect and sportsmanship through friendly competition have anything to do with how china is handeling their country.
    sure its in beijing but theres a difference in sports and politics.
    its not like you win the world series to amend the constitution.
    sure the speic examples i listed may be off base. but i think you get the basis of what im saying.


    *btu that doesnt mean that everything he said is always wrong.

    bright green

    HOORAH! Hitler!


    That’s absolutely true diabeetus. I do think the Olympics and politics are connected. China sponsoring the Olympics will, perhaps, force them in to the light. How can they possibly censor what information leaves and comes into the country. They’re obviously trying to make everything pretty for the world. They may think the west won’t notice what’s really going on, but they’d be wrong. I’m not sure how well Chinese government understands how the western press works…or maybe they do and still think they can get past them.


    IF you have the world by the balls, in terms of monatary means and food and so on. Easier to control than military where people know there’s a threat and know how to fight you. The U.S with it’s companies can be compared to an empire, companies beeing it’s colonies of influence.


    i know china does that shit. and i know they want to sound like theyre cool and stuff.
    but i know theyre not.
    but i look at it as they olympics.
    is it possible to focus how well someone is doing in the olympics or how were all coming together. and not how a country sucks.?
    ( really dont want to sound like a dick) sry if i do


    (besides the buildings thing)

    Alec Dalek

    “Would they let Nazi Germany hold the Olypics?” Classic!


    Carrying the torch was actually a way to spread Nazism across the world.


    this guy is late


    In addition to being a hero of fucking epic proportions, that man had balls the size of coconuts. He was born the son of a sharecropper in Alabama, the grandson of a slave, and he lived to win 4 gold medals at the most racially charged event I can imagine. The Nazi Olympics.


    A picture of Jesse owens flanked by 2nd and 3rd place. They were Japanese and German.


    stupid tags


    Diabeetus, Been Done.

    Are all these Newfags the reason Nobody notices reposts?
    No beetus, Not saying you’re one


    Ooh yeah Diabeetus

    Its so much nicer to be in USA where all sorts of criminal behavior goes on because police have their hands tied by liberal P-C crap when it comes to dealing with criminals, and should things even go as far as a courthouse, its not about the power of laws, its about the power of lawyers

    At least in China, if they catch a criminal, He wont be re-offending anytime soon, if ever….


    Fuck the olympics, fuck china for just about everything and fuck bush for attending the opening ceremony and giving american approval to their abuses that we can no longer have the moral high ground about (double fuck bush for that). The olympics are for the bullshit sports that can only draw a crowd once every four years, and even then only when cloaked in nationalism. it’s like presidential politics in that sense.


    Well, death sentence for tax fraud seems a little harsh to me.

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