Croc vs Hippos

Croc Vs Hippos.jpg (137 KB)

Or is it an alligator? And is hippos actually the plural of hippo? I’m so confused…..

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    It’s definitely a crocodile, and it’s about to be bitten in half. Why do the pics stop here?!


    My guess would be, “The Horror”?


    That’s a lot of hippos together. Do they usually group so large?

    Billy Manic

    My favorite picture is the second one. I can almost hear the Peter Gunn theme in the background, as he skips atop the hippos.
    Fuck yeah, I’m a crocodile, dananananananana


    dude hippos are supprisingly agressive
    and they can fux you up. that croc is so screwed.
    yes they do usually group together. but on land theyre loners. they have some crazy long tusks in their mouth about a foot and a half long and even though theyre plant eaters, their teeth are slanted and give em a shap-esque feel. theyre really grumpy and supre territorial. i was supprised that croc could get that deep into the group. he was brave yet retarted

    all of that without wikipedia.


    I knew hippos were extremely aggressive, especially if you’re in a boat in their territory. I didn’t realize they formed such large groups or that they posed a very real threat to crocs. Who needs wiki w/ you guys around?


    hippos are one of the most dangerous animals on Earth. those teeth are actually tusks- that gator is DEAD.


    That Croc was cruisin’ for a bruisin’… LOL


    Wow, I really expected all of you guys to have just said repost in eight different manners. Come on guys, this is the internet.


    on the internet
    everythings a repost.

    tiki god

    every repost of a post is a repost of a repost that’s been reposted like a million times.


    Nothing has ever been as good as this.

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