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I’m not much for any rehashed monotheistic solar worship but I got give the man credit, he sure looks sexy with an assault rifle. The following words with the root mental are just that “insane” con jobs meant to control you; environmentalism, governmental, fundamentalism. Can you think of any more?

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    Luke Magnifico

    You, dear sir, are retarded.


    Goddamn, you are a nut.


    Bible thumpers are just idiots. They don’t have some hidden agenda. If you’re going to pick on a religion for violence, pick Jizzlam.


    “Almighty lord is a living man”
    Robert Nesta Marley


    Luke, yer doin it wrong
    it’s “You, sir, are and idiot”

    also EI, Jesus was not a fundie. he came in and flipped the script on the Hebrews, without a weapon.

    he was quite forgiving and not judgeMENTAL. ‘he who is without sin, cast the first stone’ and ‘love your neighbor as yourself’ and ‘greater love hath no man than that he lay down his life for his friend’ or some shit like that.

    only the retarded rednecks twist his words into some unholy jihad against satanic backmasking and sluts.

    i love how zietgiested you are, illuminati.


    wait… what about that whip… big J wasn’t exactly a lamb… he was more like che guevara!
    And I also don’t think he died virgin….


    what whip?

    cars were not invented until 1900 years later


    I think Hellboy’s referring to the money-lenders in the temple, which is the only example in the Bible of Jesus being angry. Which is kinda funny if you think about it. The one thing that could drive Mr “Love, forgivness & turn the other cheek” to violence was people making money off religion. Take that Falwell! And Benedict 9000. And stuff. Yeah.


    christianity and islam is really the same. atleast, you cant really bash one and not the other.


    Religious text is great if you
    A- stop going to service
    B- read about all of them, not just your parent’s.

    Jesus had some great ideas. So did Buddha. In fact, they had a lot in common. Flippin’ over tables on peeps who were loan sharking and making a buck off of god? Awesome. Love thy neighbor? Awesome. Give all your shit away? Awesome. You don’t need a fundamentalist belief that you’re about to go to hell to get some insight from those books.


    Zed, that was sarcasm.

    Brushaway, the only link christianity and islam have is that Abraham fathered Ishmael (who the Arabs descended from) and Isaac (whom the Jews descended from).

    in b4 monotheism


    Guns, fuck yeah!


    “christianity and islam is really the same. atleast, you cant really bash one and not the other.”

    The only difference between Jizzlam and Christianity is that Christians ignore all the violent laws and shit. The Muslims don’t. Christians aren’t beheading people in the name of God or putting to death homosexuals.


    Not to defend either one, just trying to point an error out.


    Exacerbate: You might want to re-check your research there. There’s plenty of Christians out there who are quite happy to torture and kill in the name of God. There’s US based Christian organizations that promote the murder of doctors who don’t share their beliefs. But that’s a minority of the population, and not representative of the religion as a whole, you say? Well guess what? Ditto goes for Muslims.

    And lest you think that terrorism is somehow unique to Islam, allow me to point you in the direction of Army of God; The Covenant, The Sword, and the Arm of the Lord; The NLFT; The IRA and UDF; God’s Army; The White Eagles; and a whole litany of other such organizations.

    I’m no fan of organized religion in general, but it does help to have your facts straight before you start bashing. 😉


    It doesn’t matter. Muslims are still evil as a whole. It’s not only the extremists that believe in censoring free speech and limiting womens rights. Sure, every once in a while Christians blow up an abortion clinic, but it’s not nearly as frequent as those fucking dirt muslims doing there evil shit. I’m so pissed off at muslims right now. I want them all gone or converted.

    Billy Manic

    Fecking shite, some people simply want to kill, some people don’t.
    Some are rule breakers.
    Too bad.
    It’s Jesus with a rifle.
    Just enjoy the image.
    Or try to at least, because it’s pretty crappy.


    Exacerbate: Any sources for that propaganda? Other than Fox News, that is. Have you even ever met a Muslim before? I have lived in a number of predominantly Muslim neighbourhoods (poor immigrants & penniless students tend to wind up in similar places), and none of them were anything but kind and decent to me, even after I’d made it abundantly clear I had no interest in joining their faith.

    On the other hand, I’ve been beaten up, stabbed, robbed, and threatened with pain, death and/or eternal damnation by more Christians than I care to count. But do I go around claiming Christians are a bunch of murderous thugs? No, because that would be silly. The mindset that makes people think Muslims are some horrible, dirty force of evil (as opposed to just regular folks like anyone else) is the same mindset that makes people think it’s a good idea to crash planes into buildings and chop off women’s private parts. So by all means, go on spewing your baseless hatred, but don’t do it behind the guise of “freedom” or “democracy” because you’re exactly the same as those you claim to despise.

    Also, damn you to whatever Hell you believe in for making me agree with EI.


    Guns, fuck yeah!


    Yep. It’s a well known fact that if you disagree with someone, you watch Fox News. Yes, I have met a Muslim before. Actually I’ve met a few. I found them and their prayer habits annoying and I avoid them whenever I can.

    “On the other hand, I’ve been beaten up, stabbed, robbed”

    That makes two of us, except I was stabbed, beaten up, and robbed by two black men. They never cared to tell me about Jesus though so I’m not sure about their religion; they were more interested in my wallet.

    “threatened with pain, death and/or eternal damnation by more Christians than I care to count.””

    Muslims believe the same thing. You’re going to hell if you don’t worship THEIR invisible magic man.


    Jesus’ biggest philosophy was forgiveness. that’s all he tried to get people to do – forgiveness and charity, and love if you can.


    Worst thread in the history of the internet. Everyone who posted before me should be sent to an electricity-free island where they call all retardedly soliloquize to each other till they perish of hunger and general pointlessness.

    Alec Dalek

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