M16 with Fast Rail

M16_Rail_M203grip_Light.JPG (33 KB)

Throw out that Russian crap and go with the gun that goes the distance.

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    So what does the fast rail do?


    meh, it would get in the way of my M203


    Though the M16A15.56 round may travel faster and further its got nothing


    …damn computer!! What i was trying to say is that although the M16A1 (with A2 handguards) featured above may be more accurate and the 5.56 round may travel faster and further, its got nothing on the reliability and the stopping power of an AK 47 (7.62). Though personally i’d choose the HK 416. Neither one has anything on that bad boy:



    The HK416 is great until you need stop something larger than a 4 year old. Wait for the HK417 (chambered for 7.62)


    or…instead of an ak or m16, get the best of both worlds and purchase an ar-10.


    Mmmm, .308 Winchester (7.62×51 as opposed to the AK’s 7.62×39)

    Thank you Eugene Stoner. Thank you.


    For starters. That fast rail is full of fail. Go out and get you a LaRue handguard. No better piece of kit for an AR out there.

    When it comes to the AR vs AK debate. Theyre about the same really. Yeah the .223 round leaves something to be desired if your shooting at things further out than 150 yards.

    The HK 416 and 417 are nice. But if you want a piston system AR look at LWRC, its a better product, and the people who own the company actually like their customers.

    Pistons on ARs are really an answer looking for a solution. ARs are plenty reliable when you know how to maintain them. But if you like to treat your rifle like shit and only lubricate it once or twice a year, go with an AK or an FAL.


    i wouldnt say the 223 leaves something to be desired. Plenty of my friends in the 4-31 combat team from the 10th mountain would disagree with that statement. Id say the opposite would be true, a 7.62 round begins tumbling after a few 200 yards usually. a 5.56NATO will still be spinning and will only tumble after hitting flesh.


    It’s all about shot placement, not round size. 😉


    Rofl, watch out for mecha-gun-nerdism. 😀

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