Grand prismatic spring

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The vivid colors in the spring are the result of pigmented bacteria in the microbial mats that grow around the edges of the mineral-rich water. The bacteria produce colors ranging from green to red; the amount of color in the microbial mats depends on the ratio of chlorophyll to carotenoids. In the summer, the mats tend to be orange and red, whereas in the winter the mats are usually dark green.[5] The center of the pool is sterile due to extreme heat.

The deep blue color of the water in the center of the pool results from a light-absorbing overtone of the hydroxy stretch of water.[6] Though this effect is responsible for making all large bodies of water blue, it is particularly intense in Grand Prismatic Spring because of the high purity and depth of the water in the middle of the spring.

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    non sense, a hippy painted this and you know it. Damn you beat nicks and your drugs !

    Billy Manic

    Will it take off?


    been there. hiked that. Yellowstone National Park is one of the “must see” destinations in America.

    tiki god

    I disagree completely, I went out there and spent and entire week there, and it was the most boring shit that i have ever seen.

    These pictures? taken from a helicoptor. You don’t get to see cool shit like this from the air. You get to look at pools of water. And more pools of water. oh, and a river. maybe a waterfall. and more pools of water.

    oh look STEAM! Golly that was a great time!

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    are you kidding, tiki? I know at least 3 places other than Yellowstone were where you can see pools like this. Extremophiles FTW.


    actually, the second photo is taken from a hill behind the spring. I climbed the same hill and got the same shot. the Grand Prismatic Spring is HUGE. there are LOTS of smaller springs there. and if all you saw was steam, you went when it was too cold outside.

    Yellowstone National Park was the first national park- EVER. and for good reason. it is an amazing place. The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone is the most beautiful place i’ve seen in America- and i’ve ridden my motorcycle from coast to coast. it defies any photograph or artists abilty. you have to SEE it with your own eyes to comprehend the colors.

    i’ve also hiked the backcountry of Yellowstone three times. everything is better when you’re away from the tourists…

    tiki god


    then you were breaking the law and are VERY lucky that you were not shot by federal agents. They’re incredibly strict on where you can and cannot go around these things. We got yelled at for getting off our bus 20 feet from one of the approved departure places, and were threatened with jail time because of that.

    Yellowstone is boring as fucking shit and is not ‘an amazing place’. I’ve had more fun in a laundry mat. Get back to me when there’s more then water shooting up in the air, or water boiling. or boiling water being shot in the air.

    water and trees, yay.


    tiki god: what is a helicoptor? will it take off?

    Yellowstone Cabins

    Thank you, I’ve just been looking for information about this subject for a long time and yours is the best I have found out so far. But, what in regards to the conclusion? Are you sure concerning the source?


    the second photo is from flicker, magadelic rock posted it. the first is from the hubble site. this is the largest hot spring in yellow stone. third largest in the world. if you look closely at the back of the second picture, you will see people on the walkway.


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