Cannabis in Afghanistan

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Muhammad Ayud has grown cannabis in his village, Khwaja Gholak, since a crackdown on Afghan poppies. He, like many other farmers in Balkh Province, simply switched crops. Cannabis has been cultivated in the region for more than 70 years.

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    i would venture to say that them ‘stanis have been growing weed for far longer then 70 years.

    also, Congressmen Barney Frank (Dem-Mass)and Ron Paul (Repub-Texas) recently introduced H. R. 5843, which will allow people to POSSESS 100 grams (’bout 3 1/2 ounces) with NO federal penalties


    tiki god

    don’t worry past natedog, he ran again in 2012, and we didn’t vote for him again.


    I think people don’t want Ron Paul for president because, ultimately, the war with Antarctica to destroy the secret alien base will not only be embarrassing for America, but a financial drain.


    i woulda voted for him
    but darnit my youth once again puts me in check
    (im to young to vote)
    but when i am i will put him and Colbert as a write in


    Don’t worry about the selection process
    or the Nazi base at Antartica guarding the entrance to the hollow Earth Alien dwelling.

    Stress makes you age faster.


    Hmm alien dwelling in Antarctica, that’s a new one.. Ive heard of a few that used to exit in eastern Russia and on beneath some mountain in Washington state. Ron Paul was going to remove the Federal reserve, which is probably why he wasn’t considered as a serious candidate. Imagine the implications for bankers. no more taxes on the population from the IRS. reduced government spending. Not allot of government people like him, although he speaks the truth.


    If you’re going to vote for a presidential candidate because he/she shares your view on an illegal substance, you’re doing it wrong.


    Well mike i think it is a little bit deeper than “sharing a view on an illegal substance.” It has more to do with the DEA having this vehement and completely irrational hatred of the Cannabis plants and about 600 billion dollars of our tax money being siphoned into a financial black hole. I mean, by keeping cannabis illegal they are letting the drug cartels win.


    Also, fuck the war in Antarctica, Why can’t we just simply meet with their leaders and just talk about this?


    I used to get Afgani bud in Alaska in the early 80’s- it was always compacted into a bick, lots of stems and seeds, but good smoke. I had to literally use a knife and saw to get it to fluff up. Thier HASH is really good. I go a batch of Freedon Fighter hash from there. Stamped in Gold. Good times…


    you got your afgahistan in my cannabis
    you got you cannibis in my afghanistan

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