Beer Street and Gin Lane

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Beer Street

Beer Street and Gin Lane are a pair of 1751 engravings by William Hogarth in support of the then-proposed Gin Act 1751. This Act of Parliament made the distillation of gin illegal in England. Beer Street shows a happy city drinking the ‘good’ beverage of English beer, whereas Gin Lane claims to show what would happen if people started drinking gin, a harder liquor. People are shown as healthy, happy and hard working in Beer Street, while in Gin Lane they are scrawny, lazy and acting carelessly, including a drunk mother accidentally sending her baby tumbling to its doom.

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    Now THIS is how a beer ad should be done. Not those Coors Light queer orgies commercials. Not that I classify Coors Light as a real beer, mind you.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    That reminds me, need to go to the liquor store tonight.


    Makes sense… gin tastes like floor cleaner. You’d have to be crazy to wanna drink it.

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