Thor and Tony

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So now, I’m like, ok, Thor make Tony shit pants, Ironman beat Hulk down, Thor is God of Marvels mightiest!

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    I’m betting that little attached text was aimed at people who actually read comics 😀


    Aquaman is better


    Mr. Marvel


    Milk & Cheese




    And by Norwegian you mean part viking?
    i think marvel has a rock paper scissors thing going for them.
    and by strongest. i think hulk is
    but stronger doestn always mean better fighter.


    Blah blah blah, yakkity schmackity. Thor is the son of fucking Odin. Hes a god, FFS. Anyone who thinks they can best a god with a nifty suit or green rage has another thing coming.


    He beat Iron Man because everyone wanted Iron Man beat after all the shit he’s pulled. Also they wanted to boost Thor’s (and his new comic book’s)ratings. If it was a serious fight it would have taken longer than two panels. Oh, and norwegians don’t count as Vikings.


    suicidking: a god in the marvel universe is not the same as the image of gods are in the real world. Almost ever superhero has the power equaling greek or norse gods for instance. I guess Thor can revive, but what superguy can’t do that nowadays?


    Hmm…I seem to recall Colossus kicking the shit out of Thor and Iron Man at the same time in the Ultimate Universe…and Hulk knocked Thor around like a rag doll.


    Dyna: If Hulk can’t lift Mjölnir, it has nothing to do with the hammer’s weight.


    Hulk is better being an anti-hero, imho. “Raging Testicle” is an awesome villain’s name btw, even though I don’t want to think about what kind of powers he would have.


    Rock, paper, scissors is a bad anology and only fits in pokémon. The winner is decided by what propagates the plot. If the story requires Squirrel-girl beating Galactus or Spider-man beating Fire Lord, then that will happen. Anyone can beat anyone, forget about who is stronger.


    it applies in alot of things.
    WoW (i hate to mention it) has it too.
    the GAME rock paper scissors
    Halo Series
    alot of world war two games.
    the the way they (the authors) set it up was very similar to the rock paper scissors theory.


    thank you Dyna


    If I recall correctly, this would not be a repost, but a tripost. First one for MCS I guess?

    The previous two were full page scans. So this fails twice. Kind of.

    tiki god

    nah, there’s been a couple posts that have been posted up to 5 times.

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