The War on Eco-Terror

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    uhm…its taking up so much space…i cant believe i had to scroll that much.


    take a shower dirty hippie


    beware the altruist, the last women’s shirt pattern says it all, skull & bones, pirates ~ Knights of Templar, caduceaus anchor

    the Green Agenda is a force of Hegalian Dialectic


    Almost all of these pictures could accurately have “by muscling through constitutional rights”. And besides that, adressing the second picture, the whole argument against GE foods is “we don’t know, there MIGHT be an adverse effect”. Meanwhile, third world citizens are dying due to lack of ANY food. Good game Greenpeace, good game. It’s pretty easy to protest when YOU’RE not hungry.


    yeahh…to hell with that dirty hippies…




    winnar! kazthebezerk


    kaztheberserk: Yep. Without GMOs, we are going to die by the billions, and greenie tards who don’t understand that damned well do deserve to be locked up — or, better still, forced to help out in regions of the world where starvation and misery, which could be alleviated by GMOs, are prevalent.

    Greenpeace et. al. conveniently overlook the fact that we’re already eating GMOs. Corn, rice and wheat are radically different from their wild varieties; the only difference is that our ancestors domesticated crops (and animals) slowly over generations, rather than quickly over months as we can do now.

    GMO resistance is the new Luddism, and it is dangerous.


    The last one on the list is marriage material.


    GMO is random, unsafe, and will kill us all. This is the Illuminati’s population reduction plan. GMO’s are harmful. There is no benefit.


    Hmmmm, just as I suspected…they’re all under 6’2″ Never trust anybody under 6’2″


    @Evil Illuminati

    Good lord I hope you’re joking. Random? Hardly, that would defeat the purpose, they’re modifying them to achieve a purpose, not just because they CAN. Unsafe? In the united states, GE foods are regulated by the FDA, EPA, and the USDA, they are some of the most heavily regulated and tested foods on the market today.

    We can make food happen anywhere? really? one of the main purposes of GE foods is to increase yield per acre, and the other is to make crops resistant to natural factors which would make them otherwise ungrowable. In order to make your statement true, you would need to add “With the help of GE foods”


    Dyna-Mole – agreed, women work doubles tax revenues, puts children into the indoctrination centers sooner, everything is upside down

    kaztheberserk – no sorry you’re wrong, the FDA passes bioterrorist weapons as safe for consumption, they released aspartame on purpose. GMO is random, it’s a random firing at the DNA, they never fully understand what they made, which is why it’s called Frankenfood. The GMO ultimately transforms humans into two different spieces, just like in the “Time Machine”. All food on the planet is GMO, Codex Alimentarius. In the US organic food is food that hasn’t been genetically modified in the last six years, so they just keep seeds waiting for seven years then use them. You can’t find any food that isn’t GMO, and it’s for a reason, we would have a choice is nefarious deed weren’t taking place.


    As for homosexuality it’s normal becuase you see it in nature. The rather obvious sponsoring of a Gay Agenda in culture however is along the lines of what your saying Dyna-Mole.


    Looks like someone forgot to take his prozac this morning…

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    Why’s there a black dude up there? He’s not supposed to be riddled with anxiety over breaking the world.

    Quit stealing the white man’s guilt.


    I suppose you’re right, clearly your wild assertions and conspiracy theories are correct. Also, dyna-mole, I don’t think you fully understand the rate at which the earth’s population is increasing. To quote Nobel Prize winner Norman Borlag, “If we were to use existing farmland to grow organic food only, we could only feed 4 billion people, and I don’t see 2.2 billion volunteers to disappear”.

    The “green” movement uses propoganda and extreme rhetoric to confuse the uneducated. These are the people who can afford to make the choice telling those who can’t what to do. The blood of the starved and malnourished is on your hands. Let’s see how well the third world receives the idea that you are fighting the technology that could feed their children.


    oh also, the reason it’s called frankenfood is because you and people like you don’t understand what it is. Just because you don’t understand something doesn’t mean your wild guesses are the truth.


    umm… is greenpeace really saying they’re ecoterrorists?


    1)Terrorism or sabotage committed in the name of environmental causes.
    2)violence carried out to further the political or social objectives of the environmentalists

    This is just hippie tree loving, not ecoterrorism… But genetically modified foods are pretty much a necessity nowadays…

    bright green

    Fucking hate greenpeace.Fucking hate greenpeace.Fucking hate greenpeace.Fucking hate greenpeace.Fucking hate greenpeace.Fucking hate greenpeace.Fucking hate greenpeace.


    I wonder if he hates greenpeace.

    Lord Cocksworth

    Jesus, ILLUMINATI is quickly growing into one of the most successful trolls I’ve ever seen.

    kaz, I would have said everything you’ve said so far in this thread if you hadn’t beat me to the punch.

    bright green, I think you’re on to something there . . .


    It’s been said so many times that the public will beg for their own demise unwittingly and here we have a group of people heralding the prospect of genetically modified foods, while I understand the sincerity of your convictions I must inform you that people modifying the genes are not as sincere.


    The guy in the second pic is kinda hot. Even though he is a dirty hippy. I would make him wash before I touched him.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    The chick is 5 feet tall.

    How can she persuade anyone? With her beaver?

    Lord Cocksworth


    Ankle biting, mostly.


    Genetic modification is simply the act of copying a few useful lines of programming and pasting them into a separate application; most times it’s not even necessary to tweak the code. It is not random or playing god or Frankenfood. Genetics is programming.


    Why the hell ban tube animals? That’d be profitable for those that go hungry, food drives, fast foods, whatever. They all have a deathwish anyway, might as well make it worth their while.



    environmentalism is a waste of time

    we have long since passed the tipping point

    bright green


    environmentalism is a waste of time

    we have long since passed the tipping point


    Greenpeace is a breeding ground/recruiting tool for eco-terrorist groups like ELF and ALF, and nut-jobs advocating voluntary human extinction in order to save the planet. Same for the Sierra Club.

    bright green said it best


    Pfft! natedog said it first

    A Distant Star

    Greenpeace, giving enviromentalism a bad name since 1971. Seriusly, I consider myself an enviromentalist and hate these fuckers…

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