Why So Serious?

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    tiki god

    easily one of the dumbest lines ever to be included in a batman film. I include the “batman and robin” credit card joke in this too.

    what a fucking disappointment.


    yeah, this movie was a bit over hyped , plainly because Hollywood had nothing to ride on. I still enjoyed the movie and the way Heath played the joker. Although I think it’s allot of hot air so he can get that Emmy.


    That movie should have been called The Joker.
    He nailed that role. He was mesmerizing. They have failed yet to capture the Bat, in any of the movies.

    The Matrix: Rebooted
    Alec Dalek

    They have Emmys for movies now?

    bright green


    GUYS SHUT THE FUCK UP. The film was excellent, it wasn’t over hyped, because it lived up to its ‘hype’. And stop whingeing about the so called lack of depth to the batman, watch batman begins. There’s your depth.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I liked it.

    Way better than that bag of dog shit Iron Man or fucking Spiderman 1 2 or 3. Or The Incredible Hulk. Or Superman Returns And He’s Pure Homo Now.

    The Dark Knight had all the best elements of The Long Halloween which is the best Batman series ever written.


    Two-Face looked awesome. I can’t believe how so many people overlook it.


    Two-Face was INTENSE! It was an unexpected side to a generally mediocre actor (IMO). The Joker was very well done IMO (no extra kudos just because Heath died).

    I find the Batman character to be the most difficult to buy into. It’s my biggest turn off from the Batman movies. The first Dark Knight I enjoyed because there was back story. This movie was a bit painful, with the unintelligible growling to cover his voice and general stiffness in the character. I think these are by far the best Batman movies to date but I’m just not as interested in Batman as I am all the other characters (scary, cabbage patch looking female actress not included).


    It was a great movie. Heath did a really good job, as did everyone else. But the scene in the hospital with him dressed as a nurse and Dent with half his face missing was just perfect. Especially the dialogue.


    BUTTfoor, you are the wrongest that has ever been wrong about anything! Iron Man was great, you will never be as exciting for any two hours of your entire life. so chew on that.

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