Resident Evil 5

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I bet there will be some controversy over killing black zombies

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    tiki god

    I really don’t see why. I’m fairly certain it was a black culture that originated the zombie myths.


    Anyone who says this is racist is an idiot. What would be racist would be saying “lol ur a zombie” and leaving them to rot.

    They gotta die because they’re zombies, not because they’re black. I didn’t hear any outcry from the Spaniards when we were slaughtering them in 4, and they weren’t even zombies!


    That’s not going to matter Tiki…. albeit True…

    Someone will see it as a hit on blacks and everyone will play the victim…

    Then every activist will come out of the woodwork to spout how it’s targeting the black community.. blah blah blah

    My thought on this whole thing… If your a brain hungry zombie and your coming my way…. it’s Shotgun time suckers


    If they hadn’t released the trailer in which the narrator had gone on about Africa itself, there probably wouldn’t have been this controversy.


    Why is he shooting the black zombies? I mean they’re not worth the waste of the bullets.

    Just trap them using watermelon and chicken as bait, and then simply hang them?

    Seriously though, fuck the blacks.
    Noway they just play off the guilt that white people have over racism, complaining over every little thing. Worse yet, white people feel offended over non-existing racism for the blacks.

    I don’t hear Asians or Arabs or even Mexicans complain about racism in America.

    Can’t just everyone look past the skin color and just live their lives?


    I wanna expand my last post:
    OK so to be racially correct – even though the game takes place in Africa where the majority of the population is black, I say we should replace the black zombies with an ethically correct mix of Arabs, Asians, blacks, Whites, Mulatto, Mexicans. Racism solved! And the game makes no sense unless it takes place in the UN summit or something.


    My thought on this whole thing… If your a brain hungry zombie and your coming my way…. it’s Shotgun time suckers

    Tru’ dat.


    Bah, fecked up my bold tag.


    This game looks great.

    I have to say, playing it on the Wii was a real joy. The controls are simple already, and the Wiimote aiming system was very intuitive. It’s easy to develop a shooting style that works for the individual.

    I can’t wait to play this game, so perhaps the next Nintendo system will bring back the possibility of Wiimote aiming.


    Namelis1 Quote: I don’t hear Asians or Arabs or even Mexicans complain about racism in America.

    i don’t know where you live but you need to wake up and smell the roses because every race gets offended by every other race, Mexicans are called beaners,Arabs are called Jihad Bombers and can never have a restfull flight without those american fat fucks whatching down on them like a damn hawk. and the asians who which i assume to be called chinese fuckers or tight eye fuckers.. so in all every nation is gettin plasterd with racial vulgar words.


    @MonekyHitman true I don’t live in America, but from any media that leaks over here (yrop), its always the black people.

    Point is if you go out with a preconceived notion of racism, you will find it everywhere. Just forget about it and it will go away.

    bright green

    Couldn’t be arsed to read all the comments here so I don’t know whether or not this has been mentioned.
    People have already started whining about the fact that all the zombies are black (because its set in Africa), so they had to put in some white zombies to make it balanced which makes the game less accurate because its not everyday you have white guys living with Africans.


    There already was controversy. It’s only racist when you’re killing blacks.


    So, killing white zombies in America was okay…
    And killing spanish zombies in a Spain as okay…
    But killing black zombies in Africa is wrong…
    I don’t mean to be insensitive – but whoever is bitching about that needs a fuckin’ reality check.


    They can always claim it’s a police training aid.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Looks like its some idiot from newweek named N’Gai Croal who is of course black.

    He’s done this same shit over a bunch of games. He’s an uppity nutsack who defines himself by his race and is only paid attention to because he cries big black baby tears over every little fucking thing.

    Apparently the imagery shown in the RE5 trailer can be misinterpreted. Huh? To mean what exactly? Interpreted to be seen as akin to Africans? So? What’s the impact? You think some guy in the burbs is going to accidentally drive to Africa and freak out with a shotgun?

    I can only guess the N in N’Gai Croal is short for nigger. He is that nigger gai.


    im looking forward to it.
    for many a reason.


    it is a little retarded to think they set the game in africa just so you could shoot black people. why not make Tyra Banks the main character? solved.


    Lol if black people whine about this they deserve to be shot like these zombies

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