Crazy Horse Face

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I don’t know which is more awesome: the actual face carved in a mountain or that there is no government agency to prevent people from fucking up a complete mountain and the surrounding scenery like that.

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    This just the tip of the “iceberg”, it was supposed to be a sculpture of Crazy Horse on his er horse. But the Sculptor has died, he had been working on it for over 70 years. Other people i believe trying to finish the job.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Why should there be a government agency? Its privately owned.
    Interestingly, the sculptor and his successors have repeatedly turned down offers of government money since the whole point is kind of a “Fuck YOU!” over Mt. Rushmore.


    1st Amendment FTW


    that’s beautiful.


    Dude…Robin Williams ?


    It’s on Indian Land I think and the Federal gov’t couldn’t stop them, even if they wanted to.


    Yeah. What kind of asshole would think carving giant faces on the side of a mountain was a worthy enterprise? I mean, sheeyut, there’s nowhere else in the US that that’s been done, particularly with the support of the US government, on land the Feds actually stole from American aboriginal tribespeople.

    Oh, wait.


    Actually, reading the history of this memorial, it was a group of tribal Chiefs who came to the artist with a request for him to make a statue of one of their people’s heros, not as a “fuck you”, but just to show that they have there own.

    The problem is that this face is the farthest they got after 60 years, less than 30% complete, so it could take over 100 more years to finish. Also, many Lakota people don’t support this memorial, they believe it is inappropriate. So, most of the money and equipment doesn’t come from donations from “non-native” people.


    Of course I mean “Most of the money and equipment comes from donations from “non-native” people.”

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    That’s the wikipedia version, gor; read between the lines.
    In the first place, Mt. Rushmore was kind of a “Fuck You” to the Lakota. Coming in and conquering people’s lands then craving the faces of your leaders on their sacred sites is historically and universally considered a way to humiliate a defeated foe.
    Considering that the Crazy Horse memorial was a direct response to Mt. Rushmore, it’s safe to say that it’s intended to be a “Fuck You, Right Back.” The fact that it will never be completed has its own tragic irony.


    This is 45 minutes from my house. It’s near Custer, SD. The native people aren’t really that proud of it, but i suppose it’s the thought that counts.

    All the carvings ARE like a big fuck you – to everybody. why carve faces on a mountain? we could have made one mountain a buffalo, one a turtle, one an owl, one a porcupine. I mean that would be fucking cool, no? pay tribute to the totem.


    The Crazy Horse Monument is incredible. And after what we did to the Native Ameicans- I’m happy to see a mountain dedicated to them. (And there’ no casino involved with this tribes fortunes).

    When I rode across the country, I found many many roadside historical monuments telling tales of how we slaughtered tribes here and there. I-90 is a coast to coast tribute to the Native Americans we fucked over. It’s very disturbing.


    *should have fought smarter*

    Also under Tobacco

    Next time pick a chemical warfare agent that works faster. Yes you are successfully killing people on every part of the world. But to slowly. See above

    Everyday Freethought

    I always thought Native Americans were against destroying mountains like this.

    And it looks like Bill Maher.

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