Scorpion Exo

Scorpion Exo Ventilation.jpg (617 KB)

I love this riding gear! Oh, and ventilation could be NSFW.

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    My friend has one of their helmets. Nice stuff. I <3 my Arai. The price tag on Scorpion stuff is preferable though.


    Ad=sad 🙁


    I don’t have much experience with their stuff, but I like the designs. Arai helmets are really great, but too pricey for me right now. I’ve got a joe rocket that keeps my head secure.

    as far as the boobs – obligatory omnom. as far as the jacket, nice.


    I have a helmet, jacket and gloves from them.
    I love them all. especially the helmet and gloves.

    Gary Generic

    @outoffocus With helmets, I wouldn’t worry about bigger price tags so much — you usually get what you pay for. I paid more for my helmet than I did for my bike, actually. If you <3 it, then it was totally worth the extra $$.

    On a related note: I just got my motorcycle license yesterday! I figure after twelve years, I should ride legally.

    I feel like a grown-up.



    I agree that because I <3 it, it was worth the heavily discounted price I paid for it. 🙂 However, hefty price tag doesn’t necessarily = better when it comes to helmets.

    It’s a bit long but informative.

    My biggest reason for preferring Arai is that the shells are simply lighter than the others. Since I wear ear plugs the fact that they are louder than many other brands is a non-issue for me.


    Oh yeah, and congrats on being a legal rider. :] My license picture is from the day I passed the written test and boy do I look like a happy dork!




    Why the hell are you people discussing helmets!?


    scorpion makes helmets.
    and my favorite helmets.

    thats why.


    Sorry, Mayyday.. what would you like to talk about? We can all switch to whatever is on your mind.. and… go.


    I dunno, boobs?