israelis armed their teacher to protect kids – why did we disarm ours

israelis armed their teacher to protect kids - why did we disarm ours

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    Billy Manic

    Teachers get mad too.


    Ill-timed, considering the riots going on their right now, which apparently involve university professors. Basically a bunch fundamentalist jews and profs started destroying the property of Muslim civilians (throwing rocks at cars, etc), and Jewish Students/Military police tried to stop them and it turned really violent. News is really vague right now, but we’ll see how it turns out after the dust settles.


    shes cute

    The Lawnmower

    ‘Why do we try to over simplify everything, and make invalid comparisons?’


    Hell, here in Baltimore the school teachers need to be armed to protect them from the students (not really kidding to much, look it up).

    Look everyone, the jew hater, Caio, speaks again. He sure is quick to point out faults of Israel, but is very quiet on anyone else (especially if they are against the Israel and the US).


    I have said this before, but why would teachers be an exception in USA? Everyone else is carrying guns “for their own protection”. And let’s face it, the USAdish school can’t get any worse.


    Well, it’s a waste of time to point at things everybody else is pointing at anyway while pointing out that the state of Israel has it’s fault is something a lot of people don’t (want to) know.


    should say “has it’s faults”


    @The Lawnmower: Thank you


    Americans aren’t as psychotic or sadistic as the Israelis, they’re damn close, but we don’t need any guns in classrooms to push over the edge and become as bad as them. Also Americans torture people on the other side of the planet. Israelis torture their neighbors. American’s are probably safe.

    , you have my support. I agree.

    , if I had any hate in my body I would reserve it all for you and your Zionist compatriots.



    three ancient astro-theological religions
    combined to create Judaism, IS + RA + EL
    none of which are Jewish, all stolen
    just like the land of Palenstine.
    There was never a Jew there before.
    Semites are the original inhabitants of Palestine.
    So anti-semite is a Palestinian hater, not a Jew hater, because Jews aren’t Semites.

    Then you have the fact that they is no tribe of Israel any longer, they all become Christian Europeans. All you have left is the tribe of Levi and a bunch of Khzarian imposter Jews.

    Listen to Benjamin Freedman’s 1961 speech to Congress about evil the Zionists really are.


    I think the tribe of John is left too? Can’t recall.


    “The Bible tells us to be like God, and then on page after page it describes God as a mass murderer. This may be the single most important key to the political behavior of Western Civilization.”
    Robert Anton Wilson


    Sweet Jesus…. You’re all fucking crazy! American teachers with guns? What the fuck is happening here? It turns my stomach!

    I don’t know much about the situation in Israel, they have their own problems and obviously their own way of figuring shit out. but Americans should know better. Imperialist superpower OVER-RUN by warmongering apes!

    Lets just give guns to EVERYONE!!! That’ll solve the problem right? Get your heads out of your asses. You people would willingly live in a country like this? Sell your fucking guns and MOVE! Or how about PARENT your CHILDREN!!! Stop messing around in other countries business while your own country degrades and falters, slipping further and further into debt. You are raising the dumbest generation of children in centuries and massively contributing to the steady de-evolution of human kind.

    Have some damn control over your government for once, invoke change! Or, continue to do what the FOX network tells you. I know thinking for yourself can be really annoying.

    The sooner the majority of your populace is NUKED the better for all of mankind. You bastards to the south make us really fucking nervous, and soon enough you’ll have the entire middle east pointing the elusive W.M.D.’s at your doorsteps.
    The rest of the world is just gonna watch, with an “I told you so” smirk. And as long as the fallout doesn’t drift into Canada, I say good riddance.


    Yeah, we see how nice you Canadians currently treat the Mohawks, fucking hypocrites.

    We also see how much violence is growing in your cities, as well as your increasing illegal drug use and your raise of violent anti-semitic activities such as assualts on Jews and bombings of synagogues. Take care of your own fucking house, before complaining about ours.

    You picked a good name there Evil, it suits you.


    Oh yikes, looks like somebody is remarkably ignorant about Canadian Society.

    Our first nations peoples squander millions of government dollars every year, and are given more opportunities than anyone else in the country. In general, they take the government handouts for granted, and make zero use of their free land, free schooling, free healthcare, and that barely dents the surface. If after a hundred years of this they can’t get their shit in gear, TOUGH!!!
    But to actually complain after every opportunity they are afforded? Holy SHITE!!! Get your head in the game man.

    Did you see news of a single anti-semitic act within the borders of Canada and think you could rub it across the entire population? Get a grip pal, and do some research before mouthing off. The majority of Canadian population is within 100 kilometers of the U.S. border, and have easily maintained one of the safest countries in the world. The U.S. is almost bottom of the barrel.

    And F.Y.I., I wouldn’t trust the media in the U.S. for your up to date on Canadian news. They aren’t even truthful about their own country.


    I’m a jew hater because I summarized a story I read in the Israel Times?

    I’m quick to criticize every country. Someone dig up that thread where I argued with magnus about Canadian eugenics.


    Also, the Israeli Gendarme/Hundreds of Jewish Young People probably represent Israel better than a couple dozen nutjobs. It’s typical American instinct to assume the absolute nutjubs are the moral core of the country.


    Wow Dooves, where is the famous Canadian sympathy I hear you guys brag so much about? So the first nations made some mistakes, is that a good reason to have your police go into their reservations and treat them like shit. As for your great “free” healthcare, it’s so good people have to come to the US because the waiting list is so long, why is that?. Give us a brake, your shit stinks as bad as anyones elses (even more so, but you don’t know because you stick your noses in the air in false superiorty to ignore it).

    If the US was so bad, we would taken over you country so easily by going through the unprotected border, tiny army and non-existent navy in no time during the last 180 years, yet we didn’t, because in the end, we are friends.

    Caio, you are an ass. Anytime anyones slightly disagrees with you, you come at them with venomous name calling and personal attacks. I thought a give a little of it back to you (doesn’t feel so good, does it).


    Guns should only be able to be purchased legitimately for legitimate reasons. Even thinking giving teachers guns is retarded. People who believe we should ban guns all-together are idiots as are the people that think we should arm everyone like the picture here shows. The government doesn’t need to tell me what I can and cannot own/do. I can take care of myself.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Israel is a war zone.

    Americans can’t imagine anything remotely close to the environment there.

    They’re not arming the teachers in case on student pops a fuse and walks in with a pistol. They’re arming them in case the fucking school gets invaded and they’re all taken hostage.

    I think the message here should be to fix the circumstances that allow mentally ill people to go untreated and slip through until they go off and not to address the symptom of the problem by giving civil servants weapons.

    And how the fuck did this become about Canada vs the US?

    Canada and the US are the exact same. Some parts suck. Some parts are cool. Both are full of assholes who like pointing at each other and screeching like Body Snatchers.


    Who are you and what have you done w/ the real magnus?


    Gor, every time anyone slightly disagrees with you you scream WHY DO YOU H8 AMERICA. This seems to be your train of thought:

    1) Go to a site where American Politics are a frequent topic, and the politics of other countries are rarely discussed.

    2) If anyone criticizes any aspect of America, scream WHY DO YOU HATE AMERICA!!!!!!????

    What a valuable contribution you make to the internets?


    You may disagree with me and even criticize the US, I won’t hate you for it, as long as your are fair and respectable about it all around. (btw, I don’t believe I have ever used all caps to yell at someone). It’s really the personal name calling that shows the immaturity of the person making the argument, I will attempt to cease.

    Mag is right, we need to turn it down a notch.

    As for this picture, if she would put a little make-up on, I would surely nom nom.


    All our arguments have been fair and respectable.
    You are the one leading us off the topic.
    Most of your claims seem heated and ill informed.
    Is it possible our comments have struck a little close to home? and you feel you need to attack back to feel better about the ol’ homeland.

    Only an American could think to compare the armament of threatened Israel schools from local militant forces, and somehow relate it to arming teachers in American schools oceans away from any battle. Lets get our facts and priorities on the table.
    BUTTfoorson: You did a good job setting things straight for the thread, and thanks for that. Easy for people to get defensive and miss the point.


    Crap. For once, I actually find myself agreeing with everything you said… Who woulda thunkit..? ROFL…

    @Mr. Dooves.
    Not all of your arguments have been fair and respectable. You are just about as emotionally biased against guns as the “warmongering apes” (to which as you so aptly refer) are paranoid about weapons for self defense.

    However I do agree with you about our failure in raising our kids, our blatantly partisan media, and our rather despicable penchant for sticking for getting up other countries noses…

    Move? I could if I wanted. Just don’t feel the need for it. At least not yet. 😛 But not everyone is that lucky. Not so easy to pack up and leave when you don’t know of any other way of life, or don’t have any where else to go.

    As for having control of our government… Beats me. Apparently, Americans actually voted for the jackass in the white house right now… Twice.

    For me, that fact is actually more frightening than the prospects of foreign WMDs landing on our doorstep.


    Synopsis of thread:

    goldar had a good comment. The lawnmower a great one. Should have /thread right there.

    Then dooves starts tirading america with some of the most spammed arguments to exist on these fine internets.

    Gor fights back, overreacts, then realizes a few mistakes and backs down a bit.

    Caio is a general abrasive ass with some decent points interspersed.

    Magnus… either someone else logged on or he’s run out of asshole in his system for a while but he was probably the most intelligent and correct debater here. Impressive.

    All in all the general argumentative stance is as it is in all internet forums: filled with overreaching statements and grandoise insults whenever a perceived “point” is scored

    tl;dr that chick is highly nom-able. and don’t give guns to teachers. My High school History teacher would have high score by now.


    A briefer synopsis of this thread:

    1) Idiot fight.
    2) Mr Dooves is full of shit. First of all, Muslims could vote in Israel before Natives could vote in Canada. Second of all, through a series of loop-holes involving federal/provincial spending laws, Reservation natives receive less than a tenth of the funding white people do, if you factor in Education, Road Maintenance, Sanitation, etc. That is, for every dollar spent on you by the government, the average “Status Indian” gets less than a cent. It’s largely the tradition of the “Ministry of Indian and Northern” to keep this in place, as it’s cheap, legal, and most Canadians don’t care.

    2) It’s interesting that Gore would pick the Mohawk as an example. Probably because he heard about one of the high-profile Mohawk protests somewhere. Interestingly enough, 90% of the Mohawk hunting grounds were traditional in upstate New York, because the Americans slaughtered them after the Revolutionary war, and those lucky enough to survive escaped to Canada. This is in spite of the fact that the Mohawk broke the Iroquois Confederacy to express neutrality and give silent support to the Americans’ cause.

    3) No one cares about this distorted gun shit propaganda. Israel has had repeated day care massacres. Sweden has mandatory draft for all males, which is why they all own guns. Finland is primarily rural, and has once middle-sized city, also only rifles. But none of the gun lobbyists ever mention those mitigating circumstances do they?


    I forgot to finish the sentence in point two: All the Canadian parties to have formed federal governments support this loophole.


    Also by mandatory draft, I meant ‘universal conscription for all males’.


    Also, by Sweden I meant Switzerland and I have a hangover so fuck you.


    Freakin’ A, Caio. Are you sure you even meant to post *any* of this?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    By “white people” do mean non Indians? Cause there’s a fuck of a lot more Chinese people in Toronto than white people. And Indians but from India so they’re white by default I guess?

    PS: that money that “white people” get. Ya that’s tax money. That tax money…comes from those same “white people”. The Indians? No they don’t pay taxes. At all. So they get free money for doing nothing and don’t pay any taxes.

    Wow. That sure is a lot to complain about. Oh wait…like hundreds of years ago they got their asses handed to them. So has everyone at one time or another.

    IMO: close every res and treat Indians like everyone else. Otherwise you’re just enabling them to continue being drunken fuckups and cry babies.

    btw: Korea also has mandatory military service. Lots of countries do. I wish Canada did. Maybe that would help people quit being such big mouthed retards.

    Back to that picture there: every time I think of Jewish chicks I think of Frank Zappa when he sang that lyric in Funky Little Jewish Princess about how they squeak when they cum. Hilarity!


    Damn, Gore, I gotta say, you were right about Canadians this time.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Ya we have sympathy but even Canadians have their limits.

    Shit site but the links are pretty clear.

    If you’d like to dwell on the subject: yes I have no tolerance for drunken asshole Indians who cause shit because they don’t have to work for a living.


    How’d this turn into an indian/Canadian discussion? Jesus Christ…


    The state of Israel also lauched missiles from a military helicopter at some old muslim in a wheelchair, like, in the streets? So the answer COULD be “cause we are not terrorists” but i guess that could be up for argument aswell.

    Alec Dalek

    Israel is surrounded by a race of retards that strap explosives to their most retarded citizens to punish the Jews for stealing ALL Muslims lands, oh noes!

    Alec Dalek

    I agree with Magnus. The indians get free land, free money (they don’t have to earn a living), no tax, and free health care. So all they ever do is get drunk and set up barricades. Banks aren’t allowed to foreclose on their debts or mortgages and the police aren’t allow to police then. It’s no coincidence that statistically, there is a higher incidence of car thefts. I grew up near a reserve, and stolen cars showed up on the reserve all the time, but the police couldn’t do anything because it “they’re land”. They’re just a bunch of whiny lazy spoiled rotten children.


    I suppose I regret the turn of this thread to Canadian/First Nations relations, but it seems too late now. Gor brought out the big guns by ignoring the actual post and attacking something he is totally ignorant of.

    Like myself, Magnus and AlecDalek seem to have both had experience with First Nations peoples, and while I’ve made friends of a few, in ‘General’… They piss on the handouts from our government. Squander their excess of opportunities, and just drink instead. As a whole, they are a degrading force within our borders.

    Its been long enough, we’ve payed dearly for the sins of our fathers fathers, and they’ve had more than enough help getting their shit together, and it just gets worse.
    We do not honor their culture by allowing them to grow lazy. They should be given a big chunk of land in Canada/U.S. suitable to their numbers, named their own sovereign nation, and promptly forgotten about.

    As for the original thread post, I just can’t imagine how one could logically compare the affairs in Israel to U.S. schools. If teachers are in danger in U.S. schools from the children no less, then giving them guns is probably the best way of totally missing the issue. I don’t care if you train them in the military, sanctioned guns in a classroom is sheer madness.

    I can’t fathom the logic that adding more and more guns, and militarizing the entire nation is actually an option over there. How could the problem come full circle and become the solution.
    Time to go back to code. Bring the damn troops home and put some millions into the problems back here. Assuming you will ever convince your government to stop squandering millions of debt and tax dollars on the greed campaign overseas… but that’s a whole other problem.


    Wow… You too Mr. Dooves…? This thread has magical properties… First AUS BUTT, now I find myself agreeing (mostly) with Mr. Dooves… LOL

    First Nations issue – Wildy irrelevant to the topic at hand, bfwiw I agree. By all rights they should be given their own piece, declared an independent entity and left to their own devices. Don’t think it’s ever gonna happen, due to excessive greed on both sides, but there it is.

    Also US =/= Israel. This is definitely a bad analogy. That’s not to say that I believe a teacher shouldn’t be allowed to bring a firearm to a classroom. There have been several instances where an armed teacher might have been able to bring an extended school massacre to a swift halt.

    Situations like these, are one of the reasons why a total firearms ban makes no sense. But I also don’t believe arming everyone will solve everything either. They are simply two opposite but equal extremes, only circumstantially unrelated to the real problem.

    The real issue will be getting a handle on *why* we actually need metal detectors, and airport-like security in some of our schools. That is a cultural issue, not a weapons issue. Too many kids and young adults today have ass backwards values.

    I think it is because we have become a self centered, excessively permissive and oversensitive society. And our parenting skills have suffered as a result of that. We are raising jacked up kids. The weapons are purely symptomatic. Neither comprehensive armament nor disarmament will fix that.

    And as for our Government… I got nuthin’…



    Alec Dalek


    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    bigjoe2k7 makes jokes like someone’s lame dad. Tired old shit you stupid fuck.

    Arguing over the internet is like I hope you get AIDS.


    israelis are INSANE – we’re just crazy.


    Wow bigjoe, Where’d you get that little gem.
    how about this: quoting washed up re’jokes on the internet is … uhhh, Trip and die.

    Arguing over the internet or otherwise is an exercise in logic and reason. Sure, it doesn’t matter if you win, but you’ve exercised your mind, and hopefully learned a little. Because knowledge is power kids!


    I dug up information about the jews during the 1900s they in fact took NUNS and put them into ovens and baked them to death. this took place around 1919-23. When finding this out.. it made me wonder if Hitler knew of this & had feelings for Women of God?


    Sorry, jimoer, but this thread is too old to troll. I only noticed your comment myself by accident.

    Maybe a new thread, or the ever-easily-trolled /b/ might provide riper pastures?

    Padraigs Ghost

    When I was in high school many years ago, I started a rifle club and shooting team. We had .22 cal. single shot target rifles that weighed 14 pounds and were 46 inches in length. They were not really handy for concealing or threating others with! I had my own rifle and would walk to school with it twice a week. Upon arriving at school, I would turn it over to my rifle coach. I also used to walk through the center of town with it in a case after leaving the Police Department range on the way home. Mind you this all took place 10 miles outside of Boston! We had a league in the area with 12 high schools to compete against. We had a chemistry teacher at the high school and an elementry school principal acting as advisors and coaches. We also had the backing of the chief of police, high school principal, etc. We practiced shooting twice a week Fall, Winter and, Spring. We shot indoors and outdoors. Of the original group in our club and on our team, we had one kid go to Westpoint, one go to the Air Force Academy, and one go to Coast Guard Academy. Several also went to the meritime academies and or joined the armed forces. No one went on to rob banks, kill innocent people, or pose a threat to civil society… The greatest threat to the citizens of the republic are liberal progressives, not responsible people who own guns and ENJOY THEIR LIBERTY. Liberal Collectivists, Communitarians and Progressives are TOTALITARIANS TOO!

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