disturbed – indestructible

disturbed - indestructible

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    not a bad album, still preferred ten thousand fists though…


    I have a feeling it’ll grow on me. I preferred beLIEve to Ten Thousand Fists for a long time before I thought gave them equal rotation.

    Lord Cocksworth

    I actually liked this one better than Fists, although that album did have more variety to it’s songs. This album just seems to kind of blend together for me, although “The Night” always stands out to me.


    Haha I had to actually open iTunes and listen to ‘The Night’ before i knew which track that was… It is a VERY good song, I’m officially hooked on Disturbed, of only they’d come to Vancouver… But ya, im just obsessed with ‘Perfect Insanity’, it’s amazing


    Boring as hell. I don’t think it could possibly get any more formulaic without explicitly satirizing itself. In fact, just by skipping through the entire album and listening to the first 5 seconds of each song, I’d say it already crossed that line.



    Disturbed sucks huge dong


    I love this artwork. He is an indestructible master of war.


    Only goood thing this band has is coming out with nice CD cover art.


    ‘Indesctructable’ is too much like ‘Forever,’ or titles along those lines. Usually a ‘comeback’ CD or something that fails big time. See PDiddy or Michael Jackson.

    Oh, the guitarists are freaking huge. Saw them open for a band a few years ago.


    I think this album is amazing. I’m listening to it right now, actually. I don’t know yet if I prefer it to Ten Thousand Fists, but I’d say it’s pretty close.


    zipfer, you are correct. they stole that album name from Rancid.

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