Sony Dualshock 3

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Playing the PS3 was horrible without this! I’m glad that stupid lawsuit is over and they were able to come out with this. The sixaxis felt like a 3 year old’s toy.

*firmware 2.40 available 7/2!! In-game XMB and trophies added. Another reason the PS3 will pwn the 360 very soon…

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    Why does every console have to “pwn” the others. Wii pwns all! No, PS3 pwns all! No, 360 pwns all! They all have fun games, they all have neat little things you can do with them. I’ve tried to think of some reason for this mentality, but all I’ve come up with is the tired old reasoning that it’s all a bunch of kids trying to justify their choice because their mothers would only buy them one.


    Watch Zero Punctuation – Console round up.

    He illustrated a good point –
    Every console has to pwn the other consoles because your mom buys you only one for a generation, and if you pick the wrong one, you will die defending it.

    So in my case – PC’s FTW! Lol consoles.

    Anyway, Lol rumble, that is so last generation and useless. Get to the future, the wii rip-off tilty action is where it’s at!


    Heh, I was actually thinking of Yahtzee when I wrote that. I was thinking of tacking on a “fortunately I’m white enough to afford all three”, but I figured I’d settle for a subtle rip-off rather than be all blatant about it.


    Your right, its just to bad that PC does every genre better but sports better(racing games included) . We can all thank pirating for the lack of titels. In the end, my computer has a Blu-Ray drive and better graphics than any of the “next gen” consoles so enjoy shit FPS’s children.


    I don’t own a single console, but…

    Are you taking pride in finally having the features another system has had for a long time? Why are you bragging? My head hurts…


    I upgraded my PC last in Dec 06, and it still plays all the new games half decent. No need ‘to update hardware every 6 months’.

    I also own a 360. We know the trophies are a rip of achievements (like the 360’s new update is a rip of Miis), but ultimately the trophy system will never be as well received as the achievement system. “Wow I have 2 gold 13 silver and 49 bronze trophies!” “Well I have 3 gold and 2 silver because I played Eragon so I’m better than you because I have more gold”. Well, even though we all see that as an ‘e-penis’ childish argument (not necessarily with Eragon – most film games will do), it will happen on forums everywhere. The 360 achievement system has introduced websites such as 360voice, which I frequent and adore. I like stats, so we’ll see if Sony offers up a feed for people to use like MS did.

    Token, please visit reality. Yes the PS3 has the better hardware (is the Cell that much better than 3 CPUs – not really) but what the PS3 lacks is the game support of developers and exclusive titles. Games on the PS3 – especially large and complex ones – just take too long to make. With that timescale, and the PS3 vs. other consoles user base, it makes little sense for developers to align themselves with one console.

    As for graphics, well I believe GTA4 summed it up. I played both the PS3 and the 360 version, and saw no difference whatsoever. Ah, and then there’s the Devil May Cry fiasco. “I have a PS3, lets wait 27 minutes for installation” “I have a 360, lets play right away”.

    The next (fall/autumn) update on the 360 will allow users to d/l games to their HDDs, speeding up load times (you still have to have the disc in to prove you own the game), as well as a more adaptive and intuitive interface.

    I would say I’m aligned to the 360. Though as much as I’d like to invest in the other systems, at the current time the 360 offers the best package that I want. The Wii doesn’t offer enough solid games, and personally I don’t like the Wii’s controllers. The PS3 has had it’s problems but just doesn’t offer me the right sort of games or the experience I want.


    A gamerscore whore.


    I’m not bragging, simply stating that I can do everything and more with my PC. PS3 is a great product and so is the 360. I love the online community and games that are only available on PC. So what’s the big deal here? Sony just put rumble back into their console? And if we want to talk pricey…… $50 is a little pricy just for a rumble feature.


    PC too much money
    XBOX is great
    Halo is the best


    “And yes, I am white enough and rich enough to own all three current gen consoles with over 100 games total for all three. I also own a vagina that I get to fuck anytime I want. And vagina pwn’s everything else…”

    That is racist and sexist. White’s are probably the poorest people since they all live off fiat currency. Whenever the rest of the world decides they will just stop giving white people allowance. No one owns anything, the earth owns us, so you’re probably not an entitled property owner on your wife’s/girlfriend’s vagina. As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Chinese buy your wifes vagina during the mortage recession. You won’t have anything then, no more fiat money to play games all day, no more home to store your “vagina”, and no one in your life. All you’ve left is being “white” and now you’re pwned.


    i think people can have their oppinion about different systemz, even if their mother didnt buy it for them, cuz i bought myself a 360. I own the 360, cuz i feel it’s the best. i feel it has the most to offer. i was thinking about the Wii then i found out a lot of the technology in the Wii is the same as the Original xbox… which i also own, so why would i get a “next generation” system that wasnt any better then the last generation? and the PS3, that thing is amazing, technically speaking. everything in it is top notch, but they have nothing to offer, and even if they do end up getting a few good things, i personally think that it’s too late for them. It has been out for far too long to now become the best. so, im not shooting down other peoples systems, cuz yes they are fun, but i think the 360 is the best choice….. not to mention, when you see commercials for video games that are hosted on several consoles…. look in the corner they will tell you what console the game clip is from(itz normally a 360) just throwing that out there.

    but the PC
    it is, by far, the strongest console but…. i have a friend who has a gaming pc(which is really expensive, might i add) and to play his gamez he uses a game controller…. a 360 game controller…360!


    I dont want rumble. I didnt miss it at all. The original sixaxis controllers were ungodly awesome in my opinion. They weighed like 4 ounces and were just rumble free


    is it me, or does the controller lean ever so slightly to the left?


    *tilting head awkwardly*
    When I was 12, and could barely convince my parents I needed even one system, this may have been relevant. Eventually all the kiddies here will grow up, get a job, make their own money, and hopefully stop screaming into the Xbox live mic so I have to mute you.

    Until then, you’ll fight for your life that the system you chose is the best because… well cause you chose it.
    The big boys just buy em all. I don’t mind spending copious amounts of money on all the systems and a new PC every year. Better then letting the money collect dust in an account somewhere. Then I also get to pwn all the ‘one trick console ponies’ with my “got em all” comments.
    In other words, Get a job little monkeys.
    The systems are only as good as the games, and every system has exclusive titles worth owning.
    Stop whining and get em all.

    As for PS3 rumble? meh… who cares. I rarely notice whether my controller vibrates or not.
    Just turn up the sub and the whole room will shake. Much more ambient.


    You don’t need to actually upgrade your hardware every 6 months to run new games at minimal settings unless you are poor, and only buy the cheapest parts you could dig out of the walmart bin for your dell.

    I bought my computer i am on now 4 years ago, it was pretty decent, but not really _that_ high end, and i’ve only put about $200 into it. One hundred for ram and one hundred for a new video card a while ago. And i can run new games on even medium. (Except crysis but that doesnt count).

    The PC gets more than 20 games per year. (Also I’d rather get fewer good games than an onslaught of shitty games) Especially if you count the hundreds of casual games released every year. Plus we get blizzard games. Have fun playing warcraft 2 on your playstation 1, since the ps3 isn’t backwards compatable that far 🙂


    I just don’t like messing with system settings. My PC is about three years old, and it can run pretty much everything on fairly adequate settings. I’m not a graphics whore so it’s not that important that everything is uber shiny.

    I own both the 360 and the Wii, and my roommate has a PS3, and from what I’ve seen the 360 is the best all-around console. Sure, its graphics are slightly below the PS3’s, but the game library (thank you year-long head start) makes up for that more than adequately. The Wii was my first of the current-gen consoles, but I’ve played pretty much all of the good games for it, and since all I play on it now is Brawl I don’t even use the Wii remote for a whole lot more than the menu.

    Plus, my consoles are hooked up to better audio and visual equipment than my PC is, and I can actually interact and have a good time with my friends (face-to-face, I mean) with my consoles on the living room couch than I can with my PC up in my room.


    I find token’s argument that he’s rich enough to afford all 3 consoles, but doesn’t want to spend money on a PC rather suspect. Especially since I have all three, and a PC. Since I bought my 360, I’ve spent $1400-ish on console hardware ($600 PS3, $400 360, $250 Wii, plus applicable taxes). In the same period, I’ve spent $300 on PC hardware, and (Crysis excepted) I can run any game out there just fine.

    And speaking of games, how’s bout them prices? Around here, most PC games debut at $40, $50 for the triple-A titles, while console games go for $60 and $70. And two or three months from now, those PC games will be $20-30, but the console games? Yup, still $60-70.

    And 20 games a year? What pipe have you been smoking. There’s twice that number due out in the next month:
    Which is actually more than what’s due out in the same period for the PS3, 360, or the Wii.

    Now don’t get me wrong. I love my consoles and my PC equally. There’s games for all four in the next few months that I’m excited as hell about. But as an overall platform, my consoles still can’t hold up against my PC. It’s just better. Though I should note that doesn’t mean the consoles are bad. I think Jessica Alba would give a better BJ than Jessica Biel, but a Biel BJ would still be fantastic.

    Now I’m done. Though I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that token’s relationship with his vagina sounds a lot more like a rental/lease agreement than actual ownership. 😉


    Wii > PS3 > Xbawx 360


    wow, i agree with evil illuminati? o_O that’s weird.


    I can’t believe no one’s said this before me but

    You sound like a 12 year old idiot fanboy.

    I don’t believe you have a vagina, enjoy your hand.


    I don’t know if anyone has said this yet (as I dont like to read the lengthy arguments b/c it gives me a headache). But I think the funniest and biggest failure of the PS3 is that they have blu ray yet they don’t have any movies dowloadable in Blu Ray format, only SD and HD…kinda negating the whole purpose of being a high priced media system. If I am wrong please correct me as I have been a Sony fan up until it’s recent console endeavor.


    i like cake.


    Blu Ray is not a video format, its the use of a blue colored laser in order to store and read more information on a single disk. Its impossible to download “Blu ray”, since that term only refers to the disk and laser technology.

    The Blu Ray technology allows you to store ‘High Definition’ movies on a disk, Hence those ‘HD’ downloads you mentioned are virtually the same as Blu ray.

    Should one splurge for a Blu Ray ‘Burner’, you could put HD movies onto a Blu Ray disk without losing quality. Otherwise, you just keep it on your hard drive.

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