Shadow of a Martian Robot

shadow_opportunity.jpg (131 KB)

Explanation: What if you saw your shadow on Mars and it wasn’t human? Then you might be the Opportunity rover currently exploring Mars. Opportunity and sister robot Spirit have been probing the red planet since early 2004, finding evidence of ancient water, and sending breathtaking images across the inner Solar System. Pictured above, Opportunity looks opposite the Sun into Endurance Crater and sees its own shadow. Two wheels are visible on the lower left and right, while the floor and walls of the unusual crater are visible in the background. Opportunity and Spirit have now spent over four years exploring the red world, find new clues into the wet ancient past of our Solar System’s second most habitable planet.

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    I can’t wait until we land on Mars. I’ve already bought the astronaut ice cream!


    this is not a Martian robot. it is actually a Terran robot, because it was built on and sent from Earth. if Mars sent a rover here, that would be a martian robot.


    , but we sent the robot to mars, and the robot isn’t native to mars. so doesnt that make it a martian to Mars?


    In before ILLUMINATI comes in here and starts blathering about templars and stonemasons.




    no, only being from Mars can make you martian

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