Doctor Who

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This picture is hilarious. “Quick, everyone look startled!”

Did anyone see today’s episode? I’m not a big TV person but I’m so completely into this show (as well as Torchwood).

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    The Matrix: Rebooted



    Wooo! more delayed posts!


    i dislike roses mom to a full extent


    I love Cap’n jack. I wasn’t thrilled w/ the first season of Torchwood, but it picked up nicely in the second season. I also liked the Sarah Jane Chronicles.

    What day did you upload? Which episode are referring to?


    Let me back in to edit damnit!

    tiki god

    the post was posted right when it was supposed to be posted. what in the fuck are you talking about?


    i have no desire to watch this show but dude on the right has the greatest coat i’ve ever seen.

    i need that coat.

    someone go get it for me.


    I hope that Torchwood continues. Captain Jack is great. And the choice of hiring a gay American actor to play in the series as a guy who will hit on and have sex with pretty much anything – was also a cool idea. It makes the show fun.

    I will miss Rose, the Queen of the Chavs, she was a good tag-along.


    That would be Cap’n jack’s “military” coat. It’s a little vague as to which “war” it’s from.

    I like that Torchwood is much darker than Dr. Who as well. I love the “hand” he keeps near him at all times.
    Sarah Jane Chronicles is definitely geared to the younger teen audience, but since it’s British, it isn’t dumbed down for the kiddies.


    Why does tiki try to shove this show down our throats? Is this show even as good as House M.D. or The Office?


    Doctor Who and Torchwood are my fav shows. I torrent them so I finished Doctor Who few weeks back. Currently watching all the really old ones on Netflix. Funny shit. When K-9 was uber impressive, unlike the piece of crap we think of him as now.

    Sarah Jane is okay, barely. If I wasn’t such a Doctor Who fan I wouldn’t watch it. Everything seems so crappy. Sonic lipstick… come on whose fucking idea was that. Mr. Smith is corny, why the hell does he have to fold back into the wall and make a grand entrance each time? Child actors are lame.

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