Death Race

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Jason Statham Tyrese Gibson
Ian McShane Juan Allen

Death Race
Get Ready For A Killer Ride.
Coming out November 27th of this yearSaw this in a theater preview before the movie Wanted (which was fucking awesome btw) tonight. My mouth hung open for 3/4th of the preview? I am can hasing insanely over this!

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    WTF does “can hasing” mean?

    i can just imagine the plot.

    prolly from the same cookie cutter they used on Transporter, Bank Job, Crank…


    Who cares if his films are all the same? Stafam’s the man.

    Clint Eastwood’s, Marion Morrison’s, Jackie Chan and Jimmy Cagney’s films are largely the same too, nobody cares about them either.


    I got the “can hasing” right away, but i can see how natedog was thrown off.

    I don’t think the movie will be that good, but I’m prepared to be entertained by the mindless action.

    Also, Ian McShane is the fucking shit.


    death race 2000 with Stallone is the best race movie…


    Whats with the delayed posts?


    I was bouncing around during the preview. The cars look awesome… I think I’ll dload it and watch it with the sound off.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    This is yet another movie that doesn’t need to be remade because the original is already badass. From the preview, it looks like they’ve taken out the parts about running over pedestrians, which is a cop-out.


    My mouth hung open for 3/4ths of the preview? It’s like, everything has a question mark on the end of it? And I’m imagining it being said by someone who’d actually talk like that?

    In all seriousness, it doesn’t need a remake, but I’ll probably put money toward it.


    I have one thing to say – Euthanasia Day at the Geriatrics Hospital. 😀


    I am pretty sure watching that movie would make me race to kill myself.


    in an interview in that like preview section before the preview section at the movie theater, statham said something along the lines of “it’s crazy, fast, and sexy” and i couldn’t help but think….

    Isn’t that the typical statham movie?


    Okay, it looks neat. But here’s my problem.

    I am so sick of these Mustangs being shoved down my throat. Every movie that has something to do with Cars always has to have a freaking Ford Mustang in it as the main, cool car. Screw that.

    Let’s see, Transformers had a Saleen, so, might as well be a Mustang, and then blasphemy of blasphemy, Nightrider is now driving a Mustang, never mind the old Kit, the Trans Am kit would whoop ass on pos mustang. There’s been several other flicks with Mustangs, and I’m just so bored of seeing the things.

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