shania twain – see through top

shania  twain - see through top

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    this is truly awesome


    That rates a double NOM!


    she’s hot alright, but she sucks live. and she is a BITCH backstage. i work concerts for a living. the only reason you’re looking at her is because she married Mutt Lange- hell, if I’D have married him, I’D have a hit album, too!

    and she always stands and poses with her legs spread… and it makes me wonder if there’s a problem down there…


    um, storminator, quit being such a fag.

    there are tits up thar


    She poses like that because she has tiny hips so the only way they can make her look like something other than a small boy is if her poses are exaggerated. I’m not into country but I like a few of her songs for dancing.


    Yeah, she’s sold millions of albums because Lange made her fans buy them at gunpoint.
    Just because she wouldn’t give you head when you were mopping up puke backstage doesn’t make it OK to slag her singing ability.
    Too bad her nip nips don’t point in the same directions tho….


    Thats not just a see-thru shirt, thats a see-thru shirt AND a see-thru bra! Fate conspired nicely to bring us titties!

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