rub against me and I\’ll expose you

rub against me and I'll expose you

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    i can expose myself, thank you very much


    can’t say that I understand…is it saying she’ll yell if he intentionally unintentionally touches her?


    on mass transit systems, such as the subway in new york, men really like to rub their crotches on women when the trains are packed. they can pretend it’s not their fault because the crowd is pushing them against you but it’s obvious what they’re doing when you look and they’re leering at you.

    most women just walk away or put their bag over the bit being rubbed on. that sign is encouraging women to say something, preferably loudly, to embarrass the guy. it’s supposed to make him think twice before doing it again.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    that’s hilarious!

    I’ve never heard of that happening. Granted I haven’t been on the subway more than a handfull of times in the past 8 years but before that I rode the Toronto subways for 10 years almost daily. I saw plenty of stupid people and weird shit but guys rubbing their cocks on women?

    Either NYC has some weird epidemic or this is ad and the mentality behind it is a fucking joke. If I heard some woman in a crowded subway car yell “quit rubbing your cock on me” I’d laugh and think she was crazy and feel sorry for the guy who just got accused. I for one would never yell “quit rubbing your tits against me!” not only because of the whole gender social stigma discrepancies but also because I realize that in crowded areas some things just happen.

    This says to me: residual PC bullshit hanging on by a big fat sweaty thread.


    Also, you never know when you’ll be grinding up against a transit cop.

    It seems that when ticket quotas are close to being due they’ll start going after the grinders and gropers on the subways.


    once at a Metallica concert there were topless chicks crowd surfing


    No Grinding on the Rails


    There’s an actual term for this, I just can’t remember it right now. And it’s a more widespread issue than you’d think.


    that’s right, mAgnUS — because you didn’t know it existed, it must be some kind of terrible rumor with absolutely no basis in reality.


    If there’s been a girl at a Metallica concert (hilariously unlikely) either she had a boyish body, and her female facial features were obscured by pimples and scowling OR she was one of the few females in history to sport a neckbeard.

    Either way probably a disturbing fantasy. It seriously takes someone like EVIL ILLUMINATI to think of something so risible.


    Sorry, I admit, I’ve been trolled. Sorry, the concept of a girl at a metallica concert is simultaniously so comical and so horror-inducing that I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep for the next few days.


    It is called Frontage (pronounced fro-taje), and exsists and, I guess, is as hilarious as sexual assault can get?


    Subject of 32% of Japanese Hentai and 77% of AVs.


    Thanks silverflux…the public transpo here in Houston is lacking to say the least. I’ve also never ridden the little bit that we do have, so I’ve no experience with this sort of thing.

    Alec Dalek

    Maybe if they’d spend their money more wisely, the city could afford more trains to prevent crowding. I’m sure lots of the guys “exposed” were innocent.


    I agree that the whole thing sounds kinda sexy. she may mean to pull your dick out and give it a good tug beneath your overcoat. and if you aren’t wearing an overcoat, how do you hide your sword?


    @Boy Hostage: Pronounciation is correct, but it’s called FROTTAGE.

    And it’s not just NYC, it’s anywhere where it’s SRO. I’ve had it happen to me at a rock concert, at Ultra Music Festival, walking through the crowd on Bourbon St.


    … I’ve been to a Metallica concert and I am undoubtedly female.

    I have experienced this form of harassment before at concerts and on the bus. I don’t go in mosh pits any more because I got tired of it.

    The wording in the ad is a bit weird. It made me think that the guy could expect a favor or something.

    An ex-boyfriend’s mom told me that when she still lived in Taiwan that this was a huge issue but that if you complained about it when you got off the bus the offender would be promptly arrested.


    I’m not sure when it started but when I used to take the 7th ave. line, there was a group of relatively young guys (early 20s) that made frottage (though non-consensual) a game of dare in order to become a member of something or other, perhaps a fraternity. I can’t remember.


    @outoffocus: You’re a girl and my name is john f. kennedy

    Metallica and its fandom represents everything women find repulsive: Wangst, self-pity, grease, usened beards, grease, the offencive smell. Grease. I’ve heard of women debasing themselves sexually in shocking ways: tubgirl, swap.avi, but I refuse to believe any female would lower herself that far.


    *usenet beards


    Wait a sec. I have definitely seen hot chicks at Metallica concerts.

    Granted this was in the late 80’s and both the headbanger guys and girls had massive amounts of hair suspended in a block of Aquanet hair spray… but I am convinced that the ones with breasts were girls.

    Those were the hairband headbanger days, however.

    Starting in the mid 90’s the Caio principle holds true. You simply stopped seeing the prissy, rocker chicks coming to show off.

    Question – with the pathetically lame music that Metallica has been putting out for 10 years now – does anyone but the mentally retarded actually go to their concerts anymore? I was a huge fan, but now find that I have to stress the “was” because it is actually embarrassing to be a Metallica fan at present.



    I can’t honestly say that I’ve ever given thought to what Metallica represents at all. I liked their music when I was a teenager. The tickets to the concert were free… and the show sucked (zzzz). It was at the Arco stadium in Sac. The sound was beyond terrible. I lost interest in them shortly after “And Justice for All” came out…

    But uhm, I have been accused of not being female quite a bit online. I ride a motorcycle, like guns, have a sense of humor and can burp louder than you and 10 of your friends.


    I guess we are a bit off topic…

    If I rub on you, will you expose me??


    Does Metallica still perform live? I had the chance to run over the guitarist when driving through SF one day. Alas, I remembered where the break pedal was.


    I do not use autofocus. :p

    If you rub on me, I’ll probably put you in the hospital. 😉




    Damn. There is such a fine line between outoffocus and autofocus…

    Metallica still is giving it a go. I only know this for 2 reasons:

    1. Metallica was in the news recently for being cunts and inviting bloggers / reporters to hear their new material, and then demanding that they dont blog / report what they had seen. WTF??

    2. Some time last year James Hetfield was returning from a gig in England and was detained at Luton airport. No one working security recognized him, and they assumed he was a terrorist.

    If you had run over Kirk Hammett, you would have done Metallica a favor. They would have been forced to retire the band while a trace of dignity still remains. Give them another few years and another album and there will be no dignity left at all. Assuming that there is any left at the moment, and that they will not simply achieve negative dignity.

    So – why are you so unfriendly? I would let you rub on me.


    Actually, it is outofocus… but if spelled correctly, it’d be as you spelled it. :] Creative license caused the “f” to be dropped.

    What is it with Metallica being such cunts? Fucking jerks. *insert rant* I downloaded one of their last albums, left it available on P2P and then deleted it, just on principle.

    I’m only unfriendly because it amuses me. Can you blame me?


    Actually Metallica is a good study of a band representing angst ridden kids, aging into rockers that can’t be bothered to put as much angst into their music, and then finally bitching about angst ridden kids and their newfangled computers.
    I imagine their next album will be titled “stop making so much racket”. Very sad.

    Creative license indeed. Apparently I am not creative. And cannot read.

    How come guys are villanized by this ad? I don’t rub my penis on every chick on the train. I have standards, and consider it a quite way of telling a girl she’s cute. One rub for a “hey” and 2 rubs for a “heeeeeey”.


    1) Metallica was always lame. Some of the fans were smart enough to jump ship when they tried to go grunge (fucking sell outs). Some of the fans jumped ship when they started attacking their own fans. Some of the fans jumped ship when they tried to throw a computer illiterate old lady in jail because her grandson downloaded three songs.

    However that represents about 1% of Metallica fans. To like Metallica in the first place you have to be so stupid and self-loathing as to think a tennis prodigy born into old money was – as some point before becoming a millionaire – a badass hell’s angel biker.

    2) I saw pretty boy’s mansion back when he lived in the Bay Area. Basically, it was the biggest mansion in what was, at the time, the second most expensive neighbourhood in the United States of America. This was when they were trying to throw that old lady in prison (like the tough ass bad asses they were)

    3) Metallica was emo before there was a word for emo. Except they were, curiously, more emo than most modern emos. Here are some example lyrics from when they were “good”:

    Life it seems, will fade away
    Drifting further every day
    Getting lost within myself
    Nothing matters no one else
    I have lost the will to live
    Simply nothing more to give
    There is nothing more for me
    Need the end to set me free

    Has my chemical romance every done a song half as angsty or suicidal? Fuck, at least the emos don’t have greasy neck beards, and at least they don’t spam the innernets trying to defend their crappy, corny, cheesy an hero genre.


    i dunno if this is a question that has been posed yet cause i skipped down a halfway through
    but what if it was REALLY an accident.
    then the chick accuses you of doing it. its your word agains hers.
    wtf do you do?


    you know?


    I saw Metallica in concert in 1987. At the time – they did seriously kick some ass. After that… well, I cannot argue with you on any other point. Fucking embarrassing.

    All that I can suggest is this: knowing that in these situations the woman is automatically assumed to be in the right… grab a nipple. Try and focus on this moment of happiness as you are being pepper sprayed.


    I don’t think they’re talking about an accident bumping (or seemingly accidental bumping). They’re talking about something that is quite intentional and is quite obviously intentional. Think of what it’d be like to be crammed in a place with tons of other people and there’s this guy that you don’t know rubbing his junk against you (not a simple bump), staring right at you, knowing full well what he’s doing is wrong but he’s using your hip for it anyhow. Tell me that would not annoy the fuck out of you.

    If it was an accident then you fight it. Offer to take a lie detector test, etc etc. That would suck but I’m guessing it happens. Unless she lies about duration and all that, the cops should be able to sort out that she’s being an undersexed retard.

    It’s funny how much men think they’d welcome the attention of random strangers treating them like objects. I’ve watched a few guys become extremely uncomfortable after receiving that sort of attention after claiming they’d love it. I’m all for a little friendly rubbing but it’s got to be consensual.

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