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operation teapot photographers

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    WOW. what an amazing experience that must’ve been.


    cover yer harballz dude


    I can just imagine: “Hey this film’s exposed and I forgot to hit the shutter!”


    “of course it’s perfectly safe, look how far away we are”


    “yeah, the scientists are much closer and they’re the experts, after all they’re SCIENTISTS so how could they possibly be wrong?”


    That’s what killed my grandpa. He was right there. Got cancer of the everything afterwards.



    Once I saw a youtube video of a 50s newsreel in which they invited the press to watch a test, and then had a buffet afterwards, and toured the houses they had set up near the blast. It was pretty fucked.


    I like the video of the test where the missile was supposed to launch and go down range, but exploded directly overhead… now THOSE were some athletic nerds..


    If you ever go down to the old las vegas strip…where the chase scenes in Diamonds are Forever were filmed lol… they have placards saying/showing how you could see the a-bomb tests from the hotels….

    That’s a tourist attraction right there!


    My uncle was involved in a few of these and he has had so many weird cancers. He and several others have a class action lawsuit going to pay all the medical bills that resulted from their exposure to all that radiation.


    My father was present at the seventh above ground test.He was a U.S.Army Master Sergent at the very tail end of his career.His function after the blast was to lead(from about 5 miles out)the troops to within 2 miles of the site after detonation.They faced away from the blast with their arms across their faces in full battle gear in rather shallow entrenchments.After a few minutes they proceeded onward.In the late 60`s he developed leukemia.He survived,but was seriously ill to the end of his days.I have seen a multitude of these early photos and the the young participants of these experiments.I often have wondered what became of these men.

    I am Nate

    The creativeness of man when trying to destroy eachother will never cease to astound me.

  • Here's a few awesome images!