RebeccaRomijn- Advert for US Women64s Clothing Line

RebeccaRomijn- Advert for US Women64s Clothing Line

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    Nom nom nom nom
    And stupid John Stamos broke up with her…


    Lol, Jor, how do you know if she’s a nice person or not? She might be delectable in your opinion, but for all you know she might be batshit insane. XD

    There is some nice posing going on in this, leggy, isn’t she? XD


    Man, I know, but I see that picture again and it proves me right 😛


    No matter how perfect the woman may appear, somewhere out there is a man who is sick of her bullshit.


    and that man ain’t me. OM NOM NOM


    Now THIS one has nice hips. Where are all the people who thought Danica was hittable, and why aren’t they swamping this one? I don’t understand men’s standards anymore. As a bi woman, I’d hit it like the fist of an angry god. Just saying.


    Rebecca Romjin has buck teeth. I mean, she could eat corn on the cob through a picket fence.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’d still OM NOM NOM her… but look closely at her teeth. The girl needs braces.


    Neysa, maybe Danica and driving car does a little something for me, though I’m not a man myself :P. This lady is quite pretty, indeed, but not my type ( as in art and love interests. XD )

    Storminator, I think teeth, long as they’re clean and well taken care of, is the last thing I’d really worry about. XD I’ve seen some girls who are quite cute with buck teeth, granted, not hillbilly buck teeth.


    Yeah, because obviously the hips aren’t what’s attracting you to Danica, because THIS girl, has the hips. And the ass. And the tits.


    Not really my type either, but I wasn’t proposing a relationship with the girl. The curves do entice though. A little *more* hip actually and she’d have a perfect figure in my book.


    Fuck you, RSI. This woman doesn’t have that much for hips at all. It’s a deceptive pose, not to mention she has an itty-bitty waist, making her hips appear in great proportion to her body. She wears a size three at max. That’s not major hippage, either, sweet heart. Not that I’m dissing either lady.

    Major Hippage = Dawn by Joe Linsner. No other man in the world can draw women like him.

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