crazy eye dog

crazy eye dog

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    That is an Alaskan Sled Dog- and it will bite you faster than any pit bull on Earth.


    “Is it safe?”


    NO. They transport sled dogs in seperate compartments in a big box built on a pick up bed. Touch that nose- you might lose a finger. I lived in Alaska for 20+ years- I’m not kidding. They stake those dogs down with heavy chain and spaced wide apart for a reason. They are several steps closer to being a true wolf than almost any other dog, and they reflect that in their personality. They are VISCIOUS.


    well, that one has a sense of humour!


    That’s interesting about the Alaskan Sleigh dogs. Everywhere I’ve seen them, I’ve always noticed that they seemed to be a lot more aggressive than your average hound, but I didn’t realize they are more or less basically domesticated wolves…

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