A Wing

A Wing

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    The A-Wing is the nigger of spaceships. Everyone loves the X-Wing, and people who vouch for the underdog go for the Y-Wing but who cares about the A-Wing? Only Tikigod.


    I’m impressed how you turned a picture of an A wing into a racist rant. Congrats, now GTFO.


    but caio has tits

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    I thought Caio was making a Yoko Ono reference. Which is worse than racism!


    Yeah that was Ono but….. how the fuck did you think that was racist? For one, wtf? I mean I’m assuming it wasn’t anything about what I was saying but rather that I said the word ‘nigger’ but how do you know I’m not black?


    The A-wing is like the crotch rocket of star wars fighter craft. And what’s the B-wing then? Some foreign fighter that nobody drives? You wanna find a real neglected craft, its the B-wing.


    Stupid B-wing doesn’t even look like a b.


    Nah, I’d say even the b-wing is more respected in that it did that spinny-spinny thing. The A-Wing was only shown to be effective when it fucked up and killed the pilot, and a bunch of bad guys just by pure coincidence. I’m sorry but that’s fucking hash.

    Luke Magnifico

    Y-wing looks like a Y from above.

    A-wing looks like an A from above.

    X-wing looks like an X….from the front. Looks like a T from above.

    Should have been called the T-wing.


    Like most surviving rebel terrorists; these are shown flying far from any Imperial ships. No doubt hoping to commit some act of piracy

    & LukeV1-5 cockpit rotates. Weapons form a B shape.

    LordPartyTime go play X-wing. You respect a B-wing then.


    It was a racist comment because you said nigger.

    Seriously, go play all of the Star Wars flight sims, because this is a T-Wing. Which went down just as quick or quicker than the A-wing, IIRC.


    Every nigger is a star, man.


    I have serious hate for the T-Wing. In XWA ( ah, good days, good days, my first online gaming experience ), it was a total POS, not to mention it’s kind of a rip off off of BSG’s Viper. The Viper is definitely a better piece of technology then the damn Twing. I do love me some xwing though. 🙂

    teezy weezy

    B-wing is a blade, hence the b, ohhh my star wars knowledge is almost stunning. (gay)


    When playing any of the Rogue Squadron games, I’d take the A-Wing Whenever it was offered. It was the fastest fighter available. The maneuverability and agility were unmatched. With a talented pilot at the helm, they proved incredibly useful. Firepower was nil, but quick as a whip.
    Took down many a star destroyer with this puppy.


    TIE Avenger > all.

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