Terrorism is the war of the poor and powerless. War is the the terrorism of the rich and powerful

Terrorism is the war of the poor and powerless.  War is the the terrorism of the rich and powerful

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    This saying is just used by terrorist to justify their actions.

    Like, strapping bombs onto mentality handicaped woman and have them enter a food market.




    the funny thing about bombing terrorists is, they think they’re getting 72 virgins when they get to heaven. but- those virgins all have brothers who will die defending their sisters viginity- so they’ll have to kick a LOT of ass before they ever get laid!


    A few thoughts… first off, bombing civilians is a shitty thing to do. Absolutely. That said, I don’t necessarily get how we expect an enemy to fight us in a manner where we’d easily win. In the American Revolution, the brits thought we were assholes because we’d sometimes use guerilla war tactics instead of simply lining up in a field shooting at each other. (yes, this is an oversimplification) That’s war… its shitty. Do we really expect Al-qaeda to mobilize their 47th airborne regiment and attack the coast of Virginia to prepare for their land troops to march upon DC?… Read more »


    Absolutamente. All’s fair…right? One caveat, they did start the war using unusually nasty tactics. For the Iraqis (sp?), we’re there and some don’t want us. I’m not sure I would feel differently I were them.


    i think this is an utterly retarded statement and the author of such words prolly doesn’t really know what he/she was actually writing

    noun, verb, 9/11


    It seems like it’s contradicting itself, but it does actually make a good comment… I mean, doesn’t the whole conflict kind of contradict itself? It doesn’t seem to be trying to justify terrorism, it’s more saying that it comes as a result of war, and people being oppressed… it doesn’t say that terrorism is particularly good on either side.


    Almost 100% correct, but Terrorism is the Rich & Powerfuls too. Terrorism is just when the Rich & Powerful fake an injury on themselves so they can make war without question. It’s called the Hegalian Dialectic, wake up newbs.

    gor, storminator and natedog … you just missed the train, better luck next time.