Ninjas can’t catch a break if you’re the Goddamn Batman

Ninjas can't catch a break if you're the Goddamn Batman

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    Damn Straight.

    Fuck Chuck Norris too.


    I was really expecting more Batman pictures today. I went at midnight, absolutely amazing. I’m even more pissed about Heath Ledger, whatever the reason. I don’t think there’s a lot of guys that could fill that part in a future story, but there’s plenty of the universe to explore before coming back to the Joker, I suppose.



    Had a few images in the queue waiting for moderation for a while…I have a boatload of more images to upload as well. Just wondering if you realize they’re there or you got other stuff going on…


    I saw The Dark Knight at midnight and all I can say is that it is a torrential flood of pure awesome the likes of which I have never witnessed before.


    Last I checked, the goddamn Batman WAS a ninja.


    Sort of. Even still, no OTHER ninja can catch a break.


    Tiki, I’m still having trouble navigating the site and have to log-in several times. I’ve cleared my cache, my cookies and even authenticated sessions and still no good. Is there anything else I can try or is it this site itself?


    I’m 90% sure its the site, because it looks the some on my home PC that it did on my work box.


    i’m having new issues, suddenly. i can’t get the site to update, i can’t get to a larger version of some images and it’s saying there are no comments on this image.. but.. clearly, there are.

    i cleared my cache and everything again today.

    what’s going on?


    – Rachel Dawes dies in a explosion, Batman saves Harvey Dent (he thought he was saving her)
    – The Joker lives
    – James Gordon didn’t die, it was all fake
    – Harvey Dent says he’s the goddamn Batman, he turns himself to the cops so the Joker tries to kill him, Batman goes after the Joker, but James Gordon comes “back from the dead” and saves him
    – The Joker knew about this and he just let himself get in jail so he can rescue the Chinese accountant
    – In the first scene of the movie, the Joker kills all his associates at the bank robbery and escapes in a school bus
    – The mob moved all the money to Hong Kong before the cops raided the mob banks
    – The boats didn’t explode, they couldn’t kill each other, this annoys the Joker
    – The doctors are the bad guys, the clowns are the good guys
    – At the end, two-face didn’t kill Gordon’s family, Batman kills Harvey Dent (two-face) but he tells Gordon to blame him for Dent’s crime because Gotham needed a hero/martyr in Dent

    It is an AWESOME MOVIE and I hope I RUINED IT ALL for you because I fucking hate you all fags.


    I have LITERALLY the same problem. I’ve tried the site on 3 different comps and it comes up the same every time. So my guess is its the sites fault.


    et al
    Me too now. Every time I try to look at certain pics it brings me back to this one. I’m getting 0 comments too.


    tiki, what did you break??

    suck my big rubber peeper.


    I’m getting the same thing. This is showing up as the 2nd picture on page 3 at the moment, but if I go to to the main page, it’s the first one. New stuff shows up on page 2.

    . Love you, man. Saw your comment first, so my Dark Knight experience will remain untainted by diabeetus’ douchebaggery. For this, I award you one hundred internets.


    I already saw the movie, but that was a bit of bad sport. That’s pretty cold.

    I also am having some of these site errors. I also have had some images on que that haven’t shown up yet.


    I already knew you were an asshole with no social skills by your awkward attempts at expressing a coherent thought on the political threads, but you’ve gone on and removed all remaining doubt.

    I’ve already seen the movie, but I feel for those who haven’t.

    Let me retaliate with a spoiler of my own: Ron Paul loses, and nobody other than a few asstards took him seriously to begin with



    bright green


    bright green

    It made me so angry I stuck my wife with a plasma grenade, then I find out the covenant has been disbanded for 6 years! Who the hell did I stick?!


    i was running low on internets so that’s awesome!

    is tiki okay? has anyone heard from him lately?


    Did Tiki break something again?


    Oh shit I didn’t see the comments. Fucking FF went all the way to the bottom. This sucks, how am I supposed to go about my day without MCS?


    Why in the hell has Diabeetus not been permabanned?


    Yeah seriously he’s fucking retarded.


    Diabeetus = awesome troll.

    bright green



    the_duck – I have the same question, thanks for potentially taking the bullet & asking first.

    tiki – No big deal, man…just because you fucked up the site doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate all the good times we’ve had.

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