in-n-out burger logo

in-n-out burger logo

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    Hey, remember that part in Virtual Light when they pass that In-N-Out Burger sign that’s been vandalized to say In-N-Out urge? Remember? That was funny.


    I miss that place. They need to have more outside of California.

    All through the 80’s everyone in Southern California had violated their bumper stickers to say “In-N-Out Urge.” It was funny for a while.


    In’n’out… do they mean you’re going to either chunder or get the shits when you eat their “food”?

    Howie Feltersnatch

    I just ate there for the first time ever yesterday.

    Worst…burger…ever. Seriously. Tasted like shit. Even McDonald’s is better (and cheaper and faster).

    When it comes to burgers, if you’re in the midwest it’s Culver’s; if you’re on the East Coast it’s Five Guys.


    I love Five guys. I ate there when in DC. Awesome fries in a bag too.

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