Red Moon

Red Moon

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    I’m looking out my window right now and seeing a beautiful bright orange/red full moon. I need to fix my camera.


    Side Note: Tiki, I can’t post in the forums for some reason. It says I have to log in and , well, obviously I am.

    tiki god

    clear your cookies and you cash. Just send all your cash to me, ok?


    Nope, still not working. I’d cleared my cookies last night. I just tried it again and it’s still a no-go. It’s fine here in the pics section, but not in the forums. Damn it, it’s brokey.


    i get logged out and can’t comment on the photos until i log back in. then i have to come to the main page of the site, click on the log in link, go to the dashboard, click on view site, reload the page and sometimes that works but usually, i spend a long time trying to get back on.

    it’s not my cache or cookies or anything. i’ve tried dumping all that and it doesn’t help.

    i’m not complaining, here. i just wanted to let you know that weird shit happens to me, too.


    This reminds me of Night of the living dead, remake

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