Fat Squirrel

Fat Squirrel

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    Squirrels are different colors wherever you go, in New York they are mostly grey, but I saw a black one recently and in Nebraska they are brown. Squirrels aren’t racist though, that’s only something crazy humans could imagine. Seriously, it’s like rocks having prejudice, get real.


    i have a pack of dogs, Black labs & Golden retrievers. Sometimes I like to pretend they are playing 1960’s race riots. So I get the Golden retrievers all hype up on PCP, strap lasers to their heads and set them loose on the Black labs. It’s all fun till the Black labs start demanding PCP & laser turrets on their heads too.


    I don’t think that one is fat so much as it’s pregnant.


    “Squirrels aren’t racist though”?
    Of course they are, their never used to be grey squirrels in England, but when they were brought into the country they began mercilessly killing the red squirrels with machetes.


    I agree, the fox squirrels in the midwest are being squeezed out by the smaller but more aggressive grey squirrels. Which sucks, because the gray ones have less meat on them, still tasty though.


    I knew a guy who would always shoot every red squirrel he saw because they were always killing the grey ones. Now I wonder if I’m remembering that wrong and it’s the other way around.


    The squirrel here is a fox squirrel, generally larger than most of the other squirrel types that I know of. Greys are a little smaller, black ones are about the same size, maybe a little larger than the fox, but there are few of them and got brought here from Germany. Red squrrels, I believe are even smaller than the greys, only seen a few of those personally. But, it seemed the reds are more territorial than the others, so its possible they were killing the greys.


    “mmmnyeeesss.. Everything is going according to plaannnn muahahaha.. Now, corn, PREPAIR TO DAI!”

    Billy Manic

    corns nom nom


    “You, corn! Come into mah mouth, vorn. You… *yawn* you will be consumed. You… you… zzzzz..”

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